AS  Vol.11 No.11 , November 2020
Effects of Sulfur and Manganese Micronutrients on the Yield of Soybean Varieties
Abstract: In this article, it is given about lengthening of praxis period, stem and leaf growth, leaf surface, number of stems and weight than the control variant soybean varieties, and the yield and grain quality of soybean varieties are significantly higher when the three types of sulfur and manganese on background of mineral fertilizers are applied in suspension in the condition of meadow-swamp soil. In the soybean varieties, mineral fertilizers were used in the variant with an additional yield of around 5 - 12 c/ha compared to the control. According to the norms of the manganese element, around 7 - 20 c/ha; when using sulfur, the yield in soybean varieties is around 8.0 - 18.0 c/ha. On the background of mineral fertilizers, grain quality has changed due to micronutrients. Protein content in the “Orzu” variety increased by 3.1% - 8.4% when manganese and sulfur elements were used; in the “Nafis” variety, the protein content was found to increase by 6.1% - 8.5%.
Cite this paper: Nazarovna, A. , Bakhromovich, N. , Alavkhonovich, K. and Ugli, K. (2020) Effects of Sulfur and Manganese Micronutrients on the Yield of Soybean Varieties. Agricultural Sciences, 11, 1048-1059. doi: 10.4236/as.2020.1111068.

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