ENG  Vol.12 No.10 , October 2020
Theoretical Features of the Process Cleaning Zone between Sections of Raw Cotton from Weed Impurities
Abstract: The article proposes to use the Euler equations to describe the motion of a stationary stream in the cleaning zones, which allows us to determine the laws of the distribution of pressure, density and speed along the arc of contact of the moving layer of raw cotton with the surface of the mesh during impact with spikes on the pulp. It was found that the pressure, density and flow velocity along the cleaning arc as a result of the hammer spikes change stepwise with decreasing pressure and density and increasing flow velocity along this arc.
Cite this paper: Shahboz, I. , Otabek, S. , Egamnazar, G. and Olimjon, S. (2020) Theoretical Features of the Process Cleaning Zone between Sections of Raw Cotton from Weed Impurities. Engineering, 12, 739-747. doi: 10.4236/eng.2020.1210052.

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