ENG  Vol.12 No.10 , October 2020
Analysis of Speeds of Cylinders of Saw Gins and Linters and Determination of Critical Frequencies for them
Abstract: With an increase in the density of the seed roll in the roll box of the saw gin, the quality indicators of the fiber and seed are poor, energy consumption increases, machine breakdowns increase, and when the density decreases, the performance of the saw gin increases. Therefore, the density control of the seed roll is one of the important problems in the ginning process. The paper proposes a change in the rotation speed of the saw cylinder with a decrease in the diameter of its numerical linear speed and machine productivity. The article describes the problem of regulating the density of a seed roll in a saw gin of the DP series, provides an overview of work on regulating the operation of the machine, determines the dependence of the productivity of gins and linters on the state of the saw system in these machines, as well as changes in the linear speed of the saw by changing its diameter. Also, the critical speed of the gin and linter saw cylinder was determined to prevent resonance. In this case, the Simulation package of the SolidWorks computer program was used. The results of the study made it possible to adjust the speed of the cylinders when changing the diameter of the saws, which improved the productivity of the machine while maintaining the quality of the fiber and seed.
Cite this paper: Umarov, A. , Ortikova, K. and Sarimsakov, A. (2020) Analysis of Speeds of Cylinders of Saw Gins and Linters and Determination of Critical Frequencies for them. Engineering, 12, 715-722. doi: 10.4236/eng.2020.1210050.

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