JAMP  Vol.8 No.8 , August 2020
A Scheduling Strategy of Light Supplement in Agricultural Greenhouse Based on the Displacement of Light Source Group
Abstract: LED can effectively promote the growth of crops and improve the yield of crops. In order to make the crops grow evenly in the agricultural greenhouse, the uniformity of illumination is very important. Because of the importance of illumination uniformity to the growth of crops, this paper intends to establish the illuminance model of light source without considering the influence factors such as the difference of each light source group and air scattering. On this basis, the reasonable layout of each light source position in the light source group is considered. Therefore, a light replenishment scheduling strategy based on the displacement of light source group is proposed in this paper Improve the uniformity of illumination in agricultural greenhouse and reduce its operation cost. Experiments show that the strategy is effective.
Cite this paper: Zeng, B. , Lv, J. and Li, M. (2020) A Scheduling Strategy of Light Supplement in Agricultural Greenhouse Based on the Displacement of Light Source Group. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 8, 1646-1653. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2020.88125.

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