ENG  Vol.12 No.8 , August 2020
Study of an Ultrasonic Probe Installed into a Small Diameter-Pipe Using an Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer
Abstract: Metal pipes having an inner diameter of about 25 mm or less are frequently used as heat exchangers for power plants, gas pipes, and water pipes. However, erosion and corrosion due to long-term use may cause serious accidents, such as steam leaks, resulting in economic loss and environmental pollution. Therefore, inspection of the entire length and thickness before shipping or monitoring during operation are important technologies. However, no inspection technology including the inside of the wall thickness has been developed. The purpose was to develop an ultrasonic probe that can inspect the inner and outer surfaces from the inside of the pipe at the same time. The developed ultrasonic probe is based on an electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer (EMAT) that does not require a couplant and is then easy to install in a pipe. The EMAT for the longitudinal and for the transverse vibration mode guided wave are connected in series in order to take into account the variety of defects. First, the EMAT was successfully developed for each mode. That is, it was conducted by using the magnetostrictive effect for the longitudinal mode type and by using the Lorentz force for the transverse mode type, and evaluated to improve the performance. The reflected signal from a notch defect was then evaluated in the state that each EMAT was connected in series using any artificial defects and found to be able to detect any notches with about 10% depth or about 15% circumferential length.
Cite this paper: Murayama, R. , Wang, B. , Shindou, K. and Katsunaga, K. (2020) Study of an Ultrasonic Probe Installed into a Small Diameter-Pipe Using an Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer. Engineering, 12, 549-562. doi: 10.4236/eng.2020.128038.

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