JTST  Vol.6 No.3 , August 2020
Comprehensive Drafts of Woven Fabrics
Abstract: The crux of this paper is based on the pattern drafting of woven fabrics. It is necessary because many textile designers or weavers cannot generate and develop their personal pattern drafts for weaving. It is obvious that they mainly copy other people’s designs to weave. This paper therefore has provided an easy and simple way to learn, focus and develop their original designs to weave. The practical production method is used to create, generate and develop the pattern drafts in this paper. The paper focuses on the components of the pattern draft which will surely help to forecast and have a view of the appearance of the design before it is woven on the cloth. In conclusion, the weaver will be able to record and document his/her original works for posterity.
Cite this paper: Okpu, O. and Loromeke, O. (2020) Comprehensive Drafts of Woven Fabrics. Journal of Textile Science and Technology, 6, 130-143. doi: 10.4236/jtst.2020.63011.

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