GEP  Vol.8 No.7 , July 2020
D-InSAR Analysis of Sentinel-1 Data for Landslide Detection in Northern Morocco, Case Study: Chefchaouen
Abstract: Land surface displacement caused by landslides is among the most damaging phenomena in northern Morocco. In this paper, we measure ground deformation in the Chefchaouen area which is a zone characterized by geological formations and structurally complex losses that promote instability (landslide, mudflow, block falls, etc.) leading to slow to extremely slow deformation phenomena, which require an interferometric study, using the DinSAR (differential interferometric synthetic Aperture Radar) technique with sentinel 1 images in bance C, which is a powerful tool for the detection and analysis of interferences and monitoring of ground deformations. We worked on four areas of the study area. Its points are provided by the direction of the roads, which generates Interferograms and then deformation maps with precision in mm/year.
Cite this paper: Bouchra, A. , Mustapha, H. and Mohammed, R. (2020) D-InSAR Analysis of Sentinel-1 Data for Landslide Detection in Northern Morocco, Case Study: Chefchaouen. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 8, 84-103. doi: 10.4236/gep.2020.87005.

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