AM  Vol.11 No.7 , July 2020
Laplace Transform, Non-Constant Coefficients Differential Equations and Applications to Riccati Equation
Abstract: In this paper, the Laplace Transform is used to find explicit solutions of a fam-ily of second order Differential Equations with non-constant coefficients. For some of these equations, it is possible to find the solutions using standard tech-niques of solving Ordinary Differential Equations. For others, it seems to be very difficult indeed impossible to find explicit solutions using traditional methods. The Laplace transform could be an alternative way. An application on solving a Riccati Equation is given. Recall that the Riccati Equation is a non-linear differential equation that arises in many topics of Quantum Me-chanics and Physics.
Cite this paper: Ndiaye, M. (2020) Laplace Transform, Non-Constant Coefficients Differential Equations and Applications to Riccati Equation. Applied Mathematics, 11, 639-649. doi: 10.4236/am.2020.117043.

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