MSA  Vol.11 No.7 , July 2020
Appraisal of Surface Modified AISI 316 L Stainless Steels by Plasma and Solid Nitriding Techniques
Abstract: AISI 316 L stainless steels type was surface modified by ion and solid nitriding treatment. It was demonstrated that a surface activation pretreatment in samples based in acid mixture accompanied with NH4NO3 solution inside the container, can produce an efficient nitrogen diffusion process. As compared with ion nitriding treatment (20%N2-80%H2), the samples were treated with solid nitriding technique, using Fe4KCN based compound at the same time and temperature (6 h and 500°C respectively). Superficial layers with a depth of 45 μm average were obtained with six hours treatment. Hardness surface values of two surface treatments present an increased value of approximately three times with respect to the matrix sample. Wear evaluation indicated low regimes of weight losses for both treatments. Oxidative-adhesive result is to be the predominant operating wear mechanism. Positive results were obtained in solid nitriding technique as compared with the expensive ion nitriding technique.
Cite this paper: Guardian, R. , Rosales-Cadena, I. , Valle-Mata, J. , Pereyra-Hernández, J. and Ocampo, O. (2020) Appraisal of Surface Modified AISI 316 L Stainless Steels by Plasma and Solid Nitriding Techniques. Materials Sciences and Applications, 11, 462-473. doi: 10.4236/msa.2020.117032.

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