AJPS  Vol.11 No.6 , June 2020
Modern Condition of Coenopopulation of Tulipa fosteriana W. Irving in Southern Part of Uzbekistan
Abstract: This article reveals the data about two coenopopulation of Tulipa fosteriana in Zeravshan mountain ridge in the vicinity of the Takhta-Karachi pass in the border of Kashkadarya basin. Thus, the studied coenopopulation of T. fosteriana is normal, incomplete. The absence of senile individuals in the examined coenopopulation is associated with the biological characteristic of the species. In tulips, as in many geophytes, most individuals completely finish their large life cycles in a generative state. The ontogenetic spectra of the studied coenopopulation coincide with the characteristic ones, and thereby reflect the biological characteristics of the species.
Cite this paper: Eshtemirovich, K. , Shomuradov, H. , Samandarovich, S. and Abduxalimovna, X. (2020) Modern Condition of Coenopopulation of Tulipa fosteriana W. Irving in Southern Part of Uzbekistan. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 11, 832-837. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2020.116059.

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