JEAS  Vol.10 No.2 , June 2020
Synthesis and Radiation Dosimetry of [68Ga]-Ga-Lys1, Lys3-DOTA-Bombesin (1,14) Antagonist for PET-Imaging, as a Potential Theragnostic Tracer in Oncology
Abstract: This Bombesin (BBN), a tetradecapeptide analog of human gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) with a high binding affinity for GRP receptors (GRPR), is over- expressed in early stages of androgen-dependent prostate carcinomas, but not in advanced stages. Therefore, there is a need to develop effective tracers for the accurate and specific detection of this disease. The objective of this study was to evaluate Lys1, Lys3-DOTA-BBN (1,14) analog with the radiolabeled positron emitter [68Ga]-Ga-BBN for receptor imaging with PET, and to determine its biodistribution and radiation dosimetry using whole-body (WB) PET scans in healthy volunteers. The highest uptake was in the pancreas, followed by urinary bladder. The critical organ was pancreas with a mean absorbed dose of 206 ± 0.7, 210 ± 0.7, 120 ± 0.9, 390.23 ± 0.6 μGy/MBq and the effective doses were estimated as 73.2 ± 0.6, 49.8 ± 0.3 μGy/MBq (women and men, respectively).
Cite this paper: Manrique-Arias, J. , Pitalua-Cortes, Q. , Pedrero-Piedras, R. , Rodríguez-Mena, G. , López, T. , Cabezas-Ortiz, C. and García-Pérez, O. (2020) Synthesis and Radiation Dosimetry of [68Ga]-Ga-Lys1, Lys3-DOTA-Bombesin (1,14) Antagonist for PET-Imaging, as a Potential Theragnostic Tracer in Oncology. Journal of Encapsulation and Adsorption Sciences, 10, 29-41. doi: 10.4236/jeas.2020.102002.

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