AS  Vol.11 No.6 , June 2020
Development of an Infusion Based on Romaine Lettuce and Banana for Treating Insomnia
Abstract: An infusion was developed based on green romaine lettuce leaves and banana. Further, its sensorial acceptability was evaluated as a possible alternative treatment for insomnia. The romaine lettuces and bananas used were washed, chopped, dehydrated and ground. Optimal lettuce dehydration time was determined through charting the weight lost and examining the curve. This was found after 180 minutes at 60°C. Two formulas were developed, the first with 1.1 g of dehydrated romaine lettuce and 0.2 g of dehydrated banana, and the second with 1.1 g of dehydrated romaine lettuce and 0.4 g of dehydrated banana. Sensory analysis was conducted using sorting tests for taste, aroma, paired preferences and intention to purchase. Tasters preferred the formula with a lower quantity of dehydrated banana. 85% of tasters indicated that they would buy this infusion due to its potential functional properties for overcoming insomnia.
Cite this paper: Revelo-Cáceres, D. , Oliveras-López, M. , Villalón-Mir, M. , Navarro-Alarcón, M. and Serrana, H. (2020) Development of an Infusion Based on Romaine Lettuce and Banana for Treating Insomnia. Agricultural Sciences, 11, 529-539. doi: 10.4236/as.2020.116033.

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