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Effective Regulation and Level of Awareness: An Exposé of the Nigeria’s Construction Industry ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.4, 2012
Ikechukwu A. Diugwu Dorothy L. Baba Ashem E. Egila
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Microcontroller Based Home Security System with GSM Technology ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.2, 2015
Raqibull Hasan Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan Asaduzzaman Ashek Israt Jahan Rumpa
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Assessment and Risk Management of Potential Hazards by Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Method in Yazd Steel Complex ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.3, 2014
Mehrzad Ebrahemzadih G. H. Halvani Behzad Shahmoradi Omid Giahi
Citations: 38(Details)
Blast Wave Parameters for Spherical Explosives Detonation in Free Air ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.2, 2011
I. Sochet D. Gardebas S. Calderara Y. Marchal B. Longuet
Citations: 33(Details)
Treatment of Dye Effluent by Electrochemical and Biological Processes ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.1, 2011
Balakrishnan Ramesh Babu Anand Kuber Parande Saravanan Arun Kumar Sirasanaganbla Udya Bhanu
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Review on Rockburst Theory and Types of Rock Support in Rockburst Prone Mines ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.4, 2015
Eugie Kabwe Yiming Wang
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Comparing SLIM, SPAR-H and Bayesian Network Methodologies ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.2, 2013
Eduardo Calixto Gilson Brito Alves Lima Paulo Renato Alves Firmino
Citations: 27(Details)
Research on Leakage Detection and Analysis of Leakage Point in the Gas Pipeline System ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.3, 2011
Zhao Yang Mingliang Liu Min Shao Yingjie Ji
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For a Safer Working Environment with Hydrofluoric Acid in Iraqi Industrial Plants ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Ali Abd Ali Naser Shaalan Wedad Al-Dahhan Emad Yousif
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Underlying Factors of Occupational Accidents: The Case of Turkey ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.1, 2016
Fatih Yilmaz Selcuk Alp
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An Investigation on the Dynamic Stability of Scissor Lift ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
Ren G. Dong Christopher S. Pan Jared J. Hartsell Daniel E. Welcome Tim Lutz Anne Brumfield James R. Harris John Z. Wu Bryan Wimer Victor Mucino Kenneth Means
Citations: 19(Details)
Enterotoxigenicity of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Food Handlers during Hajj Season in Saudi Arabia ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.2, 2011
Anas Serag Dablool Saeed Saeed Al-Ghamdi
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Maintenance and Testing of Fume Cupboard ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.1, 2017
Falah H. Hussein Wedad H. Al-Dahhan Ali Jassim Al-Zuhairi Kabrena E. Rodda Emad Yousif
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Modeling Accidents on Mashhad Urban Highways ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Esmaeel Ayati Ehsan Abbasi
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Environmental and Occupational Pollutants and Their Effects on Health among Brick Kiln Workers ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Seshananda Sanjel Steven M. Thygerson Sanjay N. Khanal Sunil Kumar Joshi
Citations: 17(Details)
Pedestrian Injury Severity in Automobile Crashes ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.2, 2013
Kofi Obeng Md Rokonuzzaman
Citations: 17(Details)
Total Ergonomics and Its Impact in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Quality of Work Life and Productivity ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.3, 2011
N. S. Abarqhouei H. Hosseini Nasab
Citations: 15(Details)
Health Hazards of Solvents Exposure among Workers in Paint Industry ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Aida Abd El Hamid Hassan Safaa Abd El Moez Elnagar Ihab Mohammadi El Tayeb Sara Abd El Halim Bolbol
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Assessment of Safety Practices and Injuries Associated with Wood Processing in a Timber Company in Ghana ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.1, 2015
Stephen J. Mitchual Mark Donkoh Francis Bih
Citations: 13(Details)
Safety Climates in Construction Industry: Understanding the Role of Construction Sites and Workgroups ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Sílvia Silva Adriana Araújo Dário Costa J. L. Meliá
Citations: 12(Details)
Heinrich’s Fourth Dimension ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.1, 2011
Robert L. Collins
Citations: 12(Details)
Managing Well-Being at Work during 2010s—Expert Viewpoints ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
Janne Sinisammal Pekka Belt Janne Härkönen Matti Möttönen Seppo Väyrynen
Citations: 12(Details)
Quantitative Risk Assessment in Iran’s Natural Gas Distribution Network ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Payam Amir-Heidari Mehrzad Ebrahemzadih Hadi Farahani Jamshid Khoubi
Citations: 12(Details)
Safety in Chinese Medicine Research ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
King-Fai Cheng Ping-Chung Leung
Citations: 11(Details)
The Impacts of Ergonomic Aspects on the Quality ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Reza Khani Jazani Sajad Mousavi
Citations: 10(Details)
Developing a Risk-Based Approach for Optimizing Human Reliability Assessment in an Offshore Operation ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.1, 2016
Ahmad BahooToroody Mohammad Mahdi Abaiee Reza Gholamnia Mohammad Bahoo Torody Nastaran Hekmat Nejad
Citations: 10(Details)
Modeling of an Organizational Environment by System Dynamics and Fuzzy Logic ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Hafida Bouloiz Emmanuel Garbolino Mohamed Tkiouat
Citations: 10(Details)
Introduction of Innovative Equipment in Mining: Impact on Occupational Health and Safety ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Bryan Boudreau-Trudel Sylvie Nadeau Kazimierz Zaras Isabelle Deschamps
Citations: 9(Details)
Investigation of Occupational Accidents Induce Sever Injury in Fars, Iran from 2005 to 2007 ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Mojtaba Kamalinia Heidar Mohammadi Majid Habibi Mohrz Maziyar Arassi Mohammad Amin Faghih Mahdieh Mirzajani
Citations: 8(Details)
Aspects of Transformer Fires in Brazil ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Dayse Duarte
Citations: 7(Details)
Outbreak Detection Of Spatio-Temporally Smoothed Crashes ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Ross Sparks Chris Okugami Sarah Bolt
Citations: 7(Details)
Flame Spread over Liquid Fuel on a Water Layer-Basic Research on Tsunami Fire ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.1, 2017
Shingo Kuwana Hidekazu Tamizu Akihiko Ito Hiroyuki Torikai
Citations: 6(Details)
The Analysis of Process Accidents Due to Risks in the Petrochemical Industries— The Case Study of Radiation Intensity Determination Proportional to Distance from Tank Level ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.2, 2015
Mehrzad Ebrahemzadih Afshin Maleki Ebrahim Darvishi Mehdi Meimanat Abadi Saeed Dehestaniathar
Citations: 6(Details)
The Metro Project Construction Safety Risk Managing System of GMC ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Guangwu Liu Fengxia Luo Gang Zeng
Citations: 5(Details)
Brick Kilns of Nepal: A Non-Governmental Organization Perspective ,OJSST,Vol.9 No.1, 2019
Shilpa Shrestha Steven M. Thygerson
Citations: 5(Details)
Evaluating Equivalence of the Safe Performance Index (SPI) to a Traditional Risk Analysis ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.2, 2012
Harisha Kinilakodi Robert Larry Grayson Samuel Adekunle Oyewole
Citations: 5(Details)
Safety Knowledge of LPG Auto Drivers and LPG Tank Drivers ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.3, 2011
Gargi Bhattacharjee Susmita Neogi Sudip Kumar Das
Citations: 5(Details)
Safety Culture, Policies and Practices in Nigerian Maritime Industry: The Exxon-Mobil Experience ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.3, 2015
John Nsikan Efiok Opeoluwa Oluseye Tommy Uduak Raimi Olalekan
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Injuries of Three Health Care Districts Employees in Finland ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Simo Salminen Annika Parantainen
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Analysis of the Multi-Relationships and Their Structures for Safety Culture ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Teh-Sheng Su Pei-Ru Lin Yi-Liang Shu Jo-Ming Tseng Chen-Shan Kao
Citations: 4(Details)
Comparison of Legal System of Occupational Safety and Health between Hong Kong and Mainland China ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Qiang Chen Yin-Ge Cao Wan-Ki Chow
Citations: 4(Details)
Occupational Fatalities Involving Hispanic Workers in the Construction Industry ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Christopher A. Janicak
Citations: 4(Details)
Risk Analysis Model Using UML and MADS Model ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.3, 2011
Hafida Bouloiz Emmanuel Garbolino Mohamed Tkiouat
Citations: 4(Details)
Acoustic Analysis of Machineries in the Cement Industry ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.2, 2014
Alireza Noorpoor Ali Ahmadi Orkomi
Citations: 4(Details)
Whole-Body Vibration in Automated Residential Solid Waste Collection ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.4, 2015
Helmut Paschold
Citations: 4(Details)
Combined Analyses Procedure of Failure Modes and Risk Phenomena Using the Concept of Normal State Conditions ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Yuichi Otsuka Takeshi Ishizaki Yukio Miyashita Yoshiharu Mutoh
Citations: 3(Details)
Application of a Configurable Model for Risk Assessment in the Work Sites ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Fernando Oliveira Nunes
Citations: 3(Details)
Contribution to the Definition of a New Type of More Technological Ambulance: Use Case of French Civil Security Ambulances ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Sihem Mallek Sophie Sauvagnargues Florian Tena-Chollet Bertrand Charrel Isabelle Arnaud
Citations: 3(Details)
Anthropometrics of University Students in Northern Mexico ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Juan Luis Hernandez-Arellano Giselle Talavera-Aguirre J. Nieves Serratos-Perez Aide Aracely Maldonado-Macias Jorge Luis Garcia-Alcaraz
Citations: 3(Details)
Improvement of Fire Extinguishing Performance by Decentralized Supply of Fire-Fighting Agents ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.3, 2017
Yasushi Iwatani Hiroyuki Torikai
Citations: 3(Details)
The Research of Railway Line State Detection Signal Processing Method Based on EMD ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.2, 2015
Wen-Fa Zhu Hui-Zhen Ma Xiao-Dong Chai Shu-Bin Zhen
Citations: 3(Details)
Research on HFACS Based on Accident Causality Diagram ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.2, 2017
Bing Wu Luyao Kou Qi Ma
Citations: 3(Details)
Flame Spread over Binary Mixed Liquid Fuels—Super-Flash/Super-Flash Mixed Condition ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.4, 2015
Koichiro Sasaki Akihiko Ito Hiroyuki Torikai
Citations: 3(Details)
Design of Monitoring System on QDQ2-1 Type Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Equipment ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.3, 2016
Tao Jiang Ping Yu Yu Liu Jiajia Zhang Shuyong Zhen
Citations: 3(Details)
Design Optimization of Stress Relief Grooves in Lever Guide of Pressure Vessel for Food Processing ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
Yuichi Otsuka Hamirdin Bin Baron Yoshiharu Mutoh
Citations: 3(Details)
Practical Implementation of Safety Verification in LNG Production Facilities ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.2, 2011
Achint Rastogi Hossam A. Gabbar
Citations: 3(Details)
Adverse Drug Reactions Reported in the German Democratic Republic: A Retrospective Analysis of Reports to the WHO-ADR Database ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.2, 2011
Lise Aagaard Marion Schaefer Ulrich Meyer Ebba Holme Hansen
Citations: 3(Details)
Fabricated Antibacterial and Bioactive Titania Nanotube Arrays Coating on the Surface of Titanium ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Tian Tian Haicheng Dong Xiaoting Tian Yafei Hao
Citations: 3(Details)
Risk Management in Laboratory Quality Control of Pesticides ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Rita de Cássia Boccuzzi Prisco Vera Lúcia Tedeschi Savoy
Citations: 2(Details)
Skin Problems among Users of the Urine-Based Fertiliser in Ouagadougou Periurban Areas, Burkina Faso: A Prospective Study ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Joseph M. Makaya Serge Aho Joseph Wethé Dayéri Dianou Nicolas Barro Alfred S. Traoré
Citations: 2(Details)
Fail-Safe Design by Outer Cover of High Pressure Vessel for Food Processing ,OJSST,Vol.1 No.3, 2011
Yuichi Otsuka Jyunpei Fujii Masaki Takato Yoshiharu Mutoh
Citations: 2(Details)
Dynamic Stability Analysis and Forecast of Surface Mine Dump ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.2, 2012
Haiwang Ye Wen Li
Citations: 2(Details)
The Evolution of Defense in Depth Approach: A Cross Sectorial Analysis ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.2, 2016
Lorenzo Chierici Gian Luigi Fiorini Stefano La Rovere Paolo Vestrucci
Citations: 2(Details)
Iterative Design of Impact-Damping Gloves for Safer Boxing ,OJSST,Vol.8 No.3, 2018
Paul Perkins Alex Jamieson Geordie Ferguson Wayne Spratford Allan Hahn 1 1 1 1 1 1
Citations: 2(Details)
Numerical Modeling of the Thermal Behavior of Corrosion in Conduit in Transient Mode ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Naouar Laaidi Sougrati Belattar
Citations: 2(Details)
Integration of Design Safety into Curricula in the Undergraduate Programs: The Academician Perspective ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.3, 2017
Mohd Saidin Misnan Wan Faida Wan Azmi Sarajul Fikri Mohamed Zuhaili Mohamad Ramly Zakaria Mohd Yusof Norazam Othman
Citations: 2(Details)
Developing a Composite Index of Child Road Safety in a Municipality ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.2, 2013
Victoria Gitelman Sharon Levi Etti Doveh Liri Endy-Findling
Citations: 2(Details)
OSHA’s Enforcement of Asbestos Standards in the Construction Industry ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Christopher Allen Janicak
Citations: 2(Details)
On the Design of Energy Absorbing Crash Buffers for High Speed Roadways ,OJSST,Vol.6 No.1, 2016
Mohammad Sharif Uddin Jacob Quintel Grad Zivkovic
Citations: 2(Details)
To Determine Dose Response Curves of Dyed Polyvinyl Alcohol Films Irradiated with Gamma-Rays ,OJSST,Vol.8 No.1, 2018
Vo Thi Anh Tran Dai Nghiep Trinh Van Giap
Citations: 2(Details)
Application of Probabilistic Model for Marine Steam System Failure Analysis under Uncertainty ,OJSST,Vol.8 No.2, 2018
Sidum Adumene Samson Nitonye
Citations: 2(Details)
Sandwich Structure Composite with Expandable Graphite Filled or Coated: Evaluation of Flame Retardancy and Mechanical Performances ,OJSST,Vol.9 No.1, 2019
Chenkai Zhu Jingjing Li Fanhao Ji Xiaosu Yi Chris Rudd Xiaoling Liu
Citations: 2(Details)
Selection of Suitable Safety Activities and Experience of Safety Condition Establishment ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.1, 2015
Akihiko Hidaka Atsumi Miyake
Citations: 2(Details)
Study on Consumer Perception towards Quality of Spices Powder Available in Bangladesh ,OJSST,Vol.9 No.4, 2019
Sadia Sattar Pabitra Chandra Das Md Sajjad Hossain Kazi Sarower M. Burhan Uddin 1 1 1 1
Citations: 1(Details)
Modelling of Fatigue-Type Seismic Damage for Nuclear Power Plants ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.2, 2012
Tamás János Katona
Citations: 1(Details)
Lessons Learned from Recent Accidents in the Chemical Industry in Japan ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.3, 2014
Akihiko Hidaka Yuichiro Izato Atsumi Miyake
Citations: 1(Details)
Evaluation and Outcomes of Multidisciplinary-Reported Incidents Regarding Patient Safety Management at Special Functioning Hospital in Japan ,OJSST,Vol.8 No.4, 2018
Takanori Ayabe Masaki Tomita Manabu Okumura Shigeko Shimizu Eiko Uchida Yukari Miura Koichiro Itai Kunihide Nakamura 1 1
Citations: 1(Details)
Changes in Safety Attitude and Improvement of Multidisciplinary Teamwork by Implementation of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in University Hospital ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.1, 2017
Takanori Ayabe Genji Shinpuku Masaki Tomita Sayoko Nakamura Etsuko Yokoyama Shigeko Shimizu Manabu Okumura Koichiro Itai Isao Tsuneyoshi Hideo Takeshima Kunihide Nakamura
Citations: 1(Details)
Comparative Study on Occupant Evacuation with Building EXODUS and a Cellular Automaton Model ,OJSST,Vol.7 No.1, 2017
Daoliang Zhao Batyr Yegenmammedov Peichen Liu Meiting Zhang
Citations: 1(Details)
Characteristics of Seismic Hazard in a V-Shaped Valley and Hazard Mitigation Methods ,OJSST,Vol.5 No.2, 2015
Yan-Ling Qiu Ling-Kan Yao Quan Yuan
Citations: 1(Details)
Effect of Beam Length and Braced Length on Moment-Rotation Behavior of Castellated Beams ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Mohsen Gerami Hamid Saberi Vahid Saberi Ashkan Firouzi
Citations: 1(Details)
Numerical Evaluation of Symmetric Prism Method to Analyze the Splitting Forces Due to TBM Jack Loads ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Hamid Saberi Vahid Saberi Ali Kheyroddin Ashkan Firouzi
Citations: 1(Details)
Deaths and Hospital Injuries Due to the 1999 Taiwan Earthquake ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.4, 2012
Yen-Hsiung Liao
Citations: 1(Details)
Multi-Stage Novice Defensive Driver Training Program: Does It Create Overconfidence? ,OJSST,Vol.2 No.4, 2012
Jessica Mueller Laura Stanley Kezia Manlove
Citations: 1(Details)
Design and Development of a Comprehensive Software for Risk Management of Pipelines Carrying Natural Gas: Conceptual Design ,OJSST,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Payam Amir-Heidari Mehrzad Ebrahemzadih Omid Giahi
Citations: 1(Details)
Predicting Use of Lights and Siren for Patient Illnesses ,OJSST,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Jessica Mueller Laura Stanley
Citations: 1(Details)