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Extreme Rainfall Indices in the Hydrographic Basins of Brazil ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
María C. Valverde José A. Marengo
Citations: 32(Details)
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Stable Isotopes in Precipitation across Costa Rica: An Analysis of Historic GNIP Records ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo Germain Esquivel-Hernández Kristen Welsh Erin S. Brooks Jan Boll Rosa Alfaro-Solís Juan Valdés-González
Citations: 30(Details)
Evaluation of Morphometric Parameters—A Remote Sensing and GIS Based Approach ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Syed Ahmad Ali Nazia Khan
Citations: 25(Details)
Introducing the Mixed Distribution in Fitting Rainfall Data ,OJMH,Vol.1 No.2, 2011
Jamaludin Suhaila Kong Ching-Yee Yusof Fadhilah Foo Hui-Mean
Citations: 24(Details)
Review of Soil Water Retention Characteristic (SWRC) Models between Saturation and Oven Dryness ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Vitalis K. Too Christian T. Omuto Elijah K. Biamah John P. Obiero
Citations: 19(Details)
ARMA Modelling of Benue River Flow Dynamics: Comparative Study of PAR Model ,OJMH,Vol.1 No.1, 2011
Otache Y. Martins M. A. Sadeeq I. E. Ahaneku
Citations: 19(Details)
Runoff and Sediment Modeling Using SWAT in Gumera Catchment, Ethiopia ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Kaleab Habte Michael Mamo Manoj K. Jain
Citations: 16(Details)
Water Status in the Syrian Water Basins ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
Khaldoon A. Mourad Ronny Berndtsson
Citations: 16(Details)
Climate Change Impacts on the Extreme Rainfall for Selected Sites in North Western England ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.3, 2012
Mawada Abdellatif William Atherton Rafid Alkhaddar
Citations: 12(Details)
Impact of Monthly Curve Number on Daily Runoff Estimation for Ozat Catchment in India ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Manoj Gundalia Mrugen Dholakia
Citations: 12(Details)
Large Wood Volume and Longitudinal Distribution in Channel Segments Draining Catchments with Different Land Use, Chile ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.2, 2014
A. Iroumé L. Mao H. Ulloa C. Ruz A. Andreoli
Citations: 11(Details)
Evaluation of a Simple Hydraulic Resistance Model Using Flow Measurements Collected in Vegetated Waterways ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Fredrik Huthoff Menno W. Straatsma Denie C. M. Augustijn Suzanne J. M. H. Hulscher
Citations: 11(Details)
HEC-RAS Model for Mannnig’s Roughness: A Case Study ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Prabeer Kumar Parhi
Citations: 11(Details)
Flash Flood Risk Assessment Using Morphological Parameters in Sinai Peninsula ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Ashraf M. Elmoustafa Mona M. Mohamed
Citations: 9(Details)
The Influence of Land-Use on Water Quality in a Tropical Coastal Area: Case Study of the Keta Lagoon Complex, Ghana, West Africa ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Angela M. Lamptey Patrick K. Ofori-Danson Stephen Abbenney-Mickson Henrik Breuning-Madsen Mark K. Abekoe
Citations: 7(Details)
Stochastic Characteristics and Modelling of Monthly Rainfall Time Series of Ilorin, Nigeria ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.3, 2014
Ahaneku, I. Edwin Otache, Y. Martins
Citations: 7(Details)
Hydrological Controls on Nutrient Exportation from Old-Growth Evergreen Rainforests and Eucalyptus nitens Plantation in Headwater Catchments at Southern Chile ,OJMH,Vol.5 No.2, 2015
Carlos E. Oyarzun Pedro Hervé-Fernández Dries Huygens Pascal Boeckx Niko E. C. Verhoest 1 1
Citations: 6(Details)
Conditional Heteroscedasticity in Streamflow Process: Paradox or Reality? ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.4, 2012
Martins Yusuf Otache Isiguzo Edwin Ahaneku Abubakar Sadeeq Mohammed John Jiya Musa
Citations: 6(Details)
The Ecology of Keratella cochlearis in Lake Kinneret (Israel) ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
Moshe Gophen 1 1
Citations: 6(Details)
Effect of Terrestrial LiDAR Point Sampling Density in Ephemeral Gully Characterization ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Henrique G. Momm Ronald L. Bingner Robert R. Wells Seth M. Dabney Lyle D. Frees
Citations: 6(Details)
Simulation of a Daily Precipitation Time Series Using a Stochastic Model with Filtering ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Chieko Gomi Yasuhisa Kuzuha
Citations: 5(Details)
Parameter Estimation of a Distributed Hydrological Model Using a Genetic Algorithm ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.3, 2016
Jasmin Boisvert Nassir El-Jabi André St-Hilaire Salah-Eddine El Adlouni
Citations: 5(Details)
Groundwater Leakage and River Runoff in a Catchment Influenced by Tectonic Movement ,OJMH,Vol.5 No.2, 2015
Md Motaleb Hossain Kazuhisa A. Chikita Yoshitaka Sakata Takuto Miyamoto Yasuhiro Ochiai
Citations: 5(Details)
Assessing the Impact of Land-Use Land-Cover Change on Stream Water and Sediment Yields at a Watershed Level Using SWAT ,OJMH,Vol.5 No.3, 2015
Wubishet Tadesse Stephanie Whitaker William Crosson Constance Wilson
Citations: 5(Details)
On Redefining the Onset of Baseflow Recession on Storm Hydrographs ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
R. Pizarro-Tapia F. Balocchi-Contreras P. Garcia-Chevesich K. Macaya-Perez Per Bro L. León-Gutiérrez B. Helwig R. Valdés-Pineda
Citations: 4(Details)
Hydrological Model to Simulate Daily Flow in a Basin with the Help of a GIS ,OJMH,Vol.5 No.3, 2015
Vitali Diaz Mercado Khalidou M. Bâ Emmanuelle Quentin Febe Helia Ortiz Madrid Lilly Gama
Citations: 4(Details)
Seasonal and Spatial Distribution of N & P Substances in the Hula Valley (Israel) Subterranean ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
M. Gophen M. Meron V. Orlov-Levin Y. Tsipris
Citations: 4(Details)
Combined Effect of Infiltration, Capillary Barrier and Sloping Layered Soil on Flow and Solute Transfer in a Heterogeneous Lysimeter ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Le Binh Bien Dieuseul Predelus Laurent Lassabatere Thierry Winiarski Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo
Citations: 4(Details)
SWAT and Wavelet Analysis for Understanding the Climate Change Impact on Hydrologic Response ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.2, 2012
Shesh Raj Koirala Randall W. Gentry
Citations: 4(Details)
ICESat-Derived Elevation Changes on the Lena Delta and Laptev Sea, Siberia ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.1, 2014
Reginald R. Muskett
Citations: 4(Details)
Climate Change Impact on Aquifer System of Essaouira Basin during the Past 4 Decades (Morocco) ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.1, 2016
Salah Ouhamdouch Mohammed Bahir Paula Carreira Najiba Chkir Abdelmalek Goumih Hamid Chamchati
Citations: 4(Details)
A Structural Overview through GR(s) Models Characteristics for Better Yearly Runoff Simulation ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Safouane Mouelhi Khaoula Madani Fethi Lebdi
Citations: 4(Details)
Development of Upstream Data-Input Models to Estimate Downstream Peak Flow in Two Mediterranean River Basins of Chile ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Roberto Pizarro-Tapia Rodrigo Valdés-Pineda Claudio Olivares Patricio A. González
Citations: 4(Details)
Implementing into GIS a Tool to Automate the Calculation of Physiographic Parameters of River Basins ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.2, 2013
Roberto Franco-Plata Carlos Miranda-Vázquez Héctor Solares-Hernández Luis Ricardo Manzano-Solís Khalidou M. Bâ José L. Expósito-Castillo
Citations: 4(Details)
Three-Dimensional Geologic Modeling and Groundwater Flow Modeling above a CO2 Sequestration Test Site ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.3, 2016
Erin Carlock Eric W. Peterson David H. Malone
Citations: 3(Details)
Floodplain Delineation Using HECRAS Model—A Case Study of Surat City ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.1, 2016
Chandresh G. Patel Pradip J. Gundaliya
Citations: 3(Details)
Using the Markov Chain for the Generation of Monthly Rainfall Series in a Semi-Arid Zone ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.2, 2016
Mouelhi Safouane Nemri Saida Jebari Sihem Slimani Mohamed
Citations: 3(Details)
Use of Geomatic Approaches to Characterize Arqa River Basin: A Typical Coastal Lebanese River ,OJMH,Vol.5 No.3, 2015
Abdulrahim Ibrahim Moustafa Al Hajj Mhamad El Hage
Citations: 3(Details)
Chemical, Hydrological and Climatological Properties of Lake Agmon, Hula Valley (Israel), (1994-2006) ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.1, 2016
Moshe Gophen Moshe Meron Yosef Tsipris Valerie Orlov-Levin Mordechay Peres
Citations: 3(Details)
A Diagnostic Approach towards the Causes of Energy Balance Closure Problem ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.2, 2016
Ali Varmaghani William E. Eichinger John H. Prueger
Citations: 3(Details)
Estimation of Glacier Melt Water Contribution for Human Consumption in the Royal Andes Considering Temperature Measurement Errors ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.2, 2014
V. Moya Quiroga A. Mano Y. Asaoka K. Udo S. Kure J. Mendoza
Citations: 3(Details)
Weather Radar Data and Distributed Hydrological Modelling: An Application for Mexico Valley ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.2, 2013
Baldemar Méndez-Antonio Ernesto Caetano Gabriel Soto-Cortés Fabián G. Rivera-Trejo Ricardo A. Carvajal Rodríguez Christopher Watts
Citations: 3(Details)
Estimation of Unit Flood Discharge for Various Land Use Types with a Focus on Urbanization ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Manabu Segawa Toshisuke Maruyama Keiji Takase
Citations: 2(Details)
Assessing Stream Health in the Chesapeake Basin Using the SHARP Model ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.4, 2012
Toby N. Carlson Amy T. Haase Cynthia N. Cudaback Michael C. Anderson
Citations: 2(Details)
New Genus and Species of Diatom Endemic in Lake Rani of Haryana, India ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.4, 2012
Vandana Vinayak Vichar Mishra M. K Goyal
Citations: 2(Details)
Adjustment of Infiltration Models in Poorly Developed Soils ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Alberto I. J. Vich
Citations: 2(Details)
An Integrated Approach to Hydrographic Surveying of Large Reservoirs—Application to Tarbela Reservoir in Pakistan ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Sarfraz Munir Muhammad Armaghan Arsalan Babrus
Citations: 2(Details)
Streamflow Decomposition Based Integrated ANN Model ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Nikhil Bhatia Laksha Sharma Shreya Srivastava Nidhish Katyal Roshan Srivastav
Citations: 2(Details)
Simulation and Prediction on Space-Time Distribution of Water Quality in Dianchi Lake ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.1, 2013
Jun-Qiu Ren Xian-Cheng Mao Pin-Juan Zou
Citations: 2(Details)
Calibration of Hydrognomon Model for Simulating the Hydrology of Urban Catchment ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.2, 2013
Haruna Garba Abubakar Ismail Folagbade Olusoga Peter Oriola
Citations: 2(Details)
Monitoring and Assessing of Spring Water Quality in Southwestern Basin of Jordan ,OJMH,Vol.7 No.4, 2017
Omar A. Al-Khashman Hani M. Alnawafleh Ahmad M. Abu Jrai Ala’a H. Al-Muhtaseb
Citations: 1(Details)
Assessing the Performance of Two Hydrologic Models for Forecasting Daily Streamflows in the Cazones River Basin (Mexico) ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.3, 2016
Fernando González-Leiva Rodrigo Valdés-Pineda Juan B. Valdés Laura A. Ibáñez-Castillo
Citations: 1(Details)
Environmental Flow Assessment Using Water-Sediment Approach at the Sekampung River, Indonesia ,OJMH,Vol.4 No.4, 2014
Endro Prasetyo Wahono Djoko Legono   Istiarto Bambang Yulistiyanto
Citations: 1(Details)
Water Quality, Contamination, and Wetlands in the Croton Watershed, New York, USA ,OJMH,Vol.2 No.1, 2012
Jeffrey M. McKenzie Donald I. Siegel Laura K. Lautz Martin H. Otz James Hassett Ines Otz
Citations: 1(Details)
Spatio-Temporal Variation Analysis of Precipitation during 1960-2008 in the Poyang Lake Basin, China ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.2, 2016
Lifeng Yuan Guishan Yang Hengpeng Li Zengxin Zhang 1 1 1 1
Citations: 1(Details)
Flood Discharge Changes by Urbanization from Farmland Based on the Unit Flood Concept at the Kurabe River, Japan ,OJMH,Vol.7 No.3, 2017
Manabu Segawa Kouzo Ito Toshisuke Maruyama
Citations: 1(Details)
Groundwater Chemical Evolution in the Essaouira Aquifer Basin—NW Morocco ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Mohammed Bahir Rachid El Moukhayar Najiba Chkir Hamid Chamchati Paula Galego Fernandes Paula Carreira
Citations: 1(Details)
Climate Change Impact on Sub-Surface Hydrology of Kaduna River Catchment ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.3, 2013
Haruna Garba Abubakar Ismail Rabia Lawal Batagarawa Saminu Ahmed Abdullahi Ibrahim Faustinus Bayang
Citations: 1(Details)
Remote Monitoring of Surfaces Wetted for Dust Control on the Dry Owens Lakebed, California ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
David P. Groeneveld David D. Barz
Citations: 1(Details)
Application of Synthetic Meteorological Time Series in BROOK90: A Case Study for the Tharandt Forest in Saxony, Germany ,OJMH,Vol.3 No.4, 2013
Kronenberg Rico Güttler Tino Franke Johannes Bernhofer Christian
Citations: 1(Details)
Population Dynamics of Cyclopoid Copepods in Lake Kinneret (Israel) ,OJMH,Vol.6 No.4, 2016
Moshe Gophen
Citations: 1(Details)
Weathering Processes on Martian Craters: Implications on Recurring Slope Lineae and the Location of Liquid Water ,OJMH,Vol.7 No.4, 2017
Pablo Garcia-Chevesich Eduardo Bendek Roberto Pizarro Rodrigo Valdes-Pineda David Gonzalez Horacio Bown Eduardo Martínez Luis Gonzalez 1 1
Citations: 1(Details)