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Qualities of Effective Leadership in Higher Education ,OJL,Vol.4 No.2, 2015
Simon A. Black
Citations: 198(Details)
The Leadership Gap: Ensuring Effective Healthcare Leadership Requires Inclusion of Women at the Top ,OJL,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Kathryn J. McDonagh Paula Bobrowski Mary Ann Keogh Hoss Nancy M. Paris Margaret Schulte
Citations: 51(Details)
Rethinking Leadership Theories ,OJL,Vol.7 No.1, 2018
Emmanuel Mango 1 1
Citations: 42(Details)
Dysfunctional Organization: The Leadership Factor ,OJL,Vol.5 No.1, 2016
Daniel S. Alemu
Citations: 33(Details)
The Organizational Culture Audit: Countering Cultural Ambiguity in the Service Context ,OJL,Vol.2 No.2, 2013
Mark R. Testa Lori J. Sipe
Citations: 32(Details)
The Phenomenology of Leadership ,OJL,Vol.3 No.4, 2014
Wiley W. Souba
Citations: 29(Details)
Transformational Leadership: From the Perspective of Neurological Leadership ,OJL,Vol.4 No.4, 2015
Yaozhong Liu Yudan Jing Mei Gao
Citations: 19(Details)
The Efficacy of the Adaptive Mentorship© Model ,OJL,Vol.2 No.2, 2013
Edwin G. Ralph Keith D. Walker
Citations: 16(Details)
Does Deming’s “System of Profound Knowledge” Apply to Leaders of Biodiversity Conservation? ,OJL,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Simon A. Black Jamieson A. Copsey
Citations: 15(Details)
Perception of Character Education: The Case of Lebanese School Leaders ,OJL,Vol.4 No.4, 2015
Najah A. R. Ghamrawi Norma Ghamrawi Tarek Shal
Citations: 15(Details)
Burns, Senge, and the Study of Leadership ,OJL,Vol.7 No.1, 2018
W. Michael Reid Claudia Jennifer Dold
Citations: 15(Details)
How Staff RNs Perceive Nurse Manager Roles ,OJL,Vol.2 No.3, 2013
Rebecca A. Feather Patricia R. Ebright
Citations: 14(Details)
Retail Managers: Laissez-Faire Leadership Is Synonymous With Unsuccessful Conflict Management Styles ,OJL,Vol.1 No.3, 2012
Etta C. Gray James Arthur Williams
Citations: 12(Details)
Revisiting Innovation Leadership ,OJL,Vol.5 No.2, 2016
Hazaz Abdullah Alsolami Kenny Teoh Guan Cheng Abdulaziz Awad M. Ibn Twalh
Citations: 11(Details)
Ethnicity in Kenyan Universities ,OJL,Vol.6 No.2, 2017
Simon Thuranira Taaliu
Citations: 10(Details)
Harassment Act Implementation in Higher Education Institutions ,OJL,Vol.5 No.1, 2016
Rizwana Yousaf Rudi Schmiede
Citations: 10(Details)
Gender Differences and Leadership Styles in a Non Secular Setting ,OJL,Vol.1 No.1, 2012
Judith Corbett Carter
Citations: 10(Details)
Capacity Building and Succession Planning ,OJL,Vol.7 No.1, 2018
Vaughan Cruickshank
Citations: 10(Details)
Perceptions of Student Leadership in the University Context—The Case of the Students’ Union in the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) ,OJL,Vol.2 No.3, 2013
María Pilar Cáceres Reche Inmaculada Aznar Díaz Francisco Raso Sánchez
Citations: 10(Details)
Followership in the School Context ,OJL,Vol.6 No.3, 2017
Vaughan Cruickshank
Citations: 9(Details)
Leaders Exhibiting High Emotional Intelligence Are More Dedicated to Their Job Performance ,OJL,Vol.1 No.4, 2012
Donnisha Beverly James A. Williams Miranda Kitterlin
Citations: 8(Details)
Premises for Minority School Leadership in Sweden, Finland and Spain ,OJL,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Pirjo Lahdenperä
Citations: 8(Details)
Beyond Leadership ,OJL,Vol.7 No.1, 2018
Emmanuel Mango 1 1
Citations: 6(Details)
Teachers’ Perception of Cyberbullying in Lebanese Public School ,OJL,Vol.5 No.4, 2016
Najah A. R. Ghamrawi Norma Ghamrawi Tarek Shal
Citations: 6(Details)
Embracing Empowerment in the Healthcare of the United States ,OJL,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Bozena Padykula Karen Wexell
Citations: 6(Details)
Liberation Health and the Role of the Public Health Leader ,OJL,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Courtney Keeler
Citations: 5(Details)
Lebanese Public Schools: 20th or 21st Century Schools? An Investigation into Teachers’ Instructional Practices ,OJL,Vol.6 No.1, 2017
Norma Ghamrawi Najah A. R. Ghamrawi Tarek Shal
Citations: 5(Details)
Leading as Jesus Led: Christ Models of Leadership ,OJL,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Gabriel Kofi Boahen Nsiah
Citations: 5(Details)
Becoming a Mindful Superintendent in a “Turnaround” District ,OJL,Vol.4 No.3, 2015
Nancy Coogan Gordon Gates Teena McDonald
Citations: 4(Details)
Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Culture—The Influence of Health Care Leaders in Sweden ,OJL,Vol.5 No.3, 2016
Petra Dannapfel Per Nilsen
Citations: 4(Details)
Understanding School Leaders’ Characteristics and Estimating the Future ,OJL,Vol.2 No.3, 2013
Ali Sabanci Ahmet Şahin Gamze Kasalak
Citations: 4(Details)
Schooling for Digital Citizens ,OJL,Vol.7 No.3, 2018
Najah A. R. Ghamrawi
Citations: 3(Details)
On Leadership and It’s Marketing ,OJL,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Jinzhang Gao
Citations: 3(Details)
A Framework for Cultivating Students’ Spirituality & Skills Employers Demand at a Public Institution ,OJL,Vol.6 No.3, 2017
Shannon Nolan-Arañez Marilee Bresciani Ludvik
Citations: 3(Details)
Transformation of Local Leadership— Narratives on changed Interaction ,OJL,Vol.4 No.4, 2015
Arto Haveri Jenni Airaksinen Henna Paananen
Citations: 3(Details)
Leaders as Distinction Generators ,OJL,Vol.7 No.2, 2018
Wiley W. Souba Matthew H. Souba
Citations: 3(Details)
A Dynamic Model of Mentoring for Hospitality Leadership Development ,OJL,Vol.9 No.1, 2020
Lori J. Sipe Mark Testa
Citations: 3(Details)
Reclaiming American Indian Women Leadership: Indigenous Pathway to Leadership ,OJL,Vol.7 No.3, 2018
Margo Hill Mary Ann Keogh Hoss
Citations: 3(Details)
Applying Systems Thinking and Logic Models to Evaluate Effectiveness in Wildlife Conservation ,OJL,Vol.5 No.3, 2016
Emily Stebbings Jamieson Copsey 1 1 Vikash Tatayah Simon A. Black 1 1 Nicolas Zuël Christelle Ferriere
Citations: 2(Details)
Institutional Matchmakers, Sponsors, and Strategists: Roles of Academic STEM Executives in Developing the Next Generation of Leaders ,OJL,Vol.7 No.2, 2018
Diane M. Magrane Page S. Morahan Susan Ambrose Sharon A. Dannels
Citations: 2(Details)
Innovations in Leadership Development: Centering Communities of Color ,OJL,Vol.7 No.4, 2018
Ann Curry-Stevens
Citations: 2(Details)
Leadership, Social Identity and the Politics of Underdevelopment in Africa ,OJL,Vol.3 No.4, 2014
Godwyns Ade’ Agbude Nchekwube Excellence-Oluye Joy Godwyns-Agbude
Citations: 2(Details)
The Rhetoric of Begin: Leadership in Changing Times ,OJL,Vol.5 No.3, 2016
David Schwartz
Citations: 1(Details)
Academic Leaders’ Confidence in Using the Academic Decision Making Model (ADMM) ,OJL,Vol.3 No.1, 2014
Dennie Smith Tingting Ma Siwei Qi
Citations: 1(Details)
The Effect of Leadership Styles on Project Implementation ,OJL,Vol.9 No.4, 2020
Tamburo Michael Renzi
Citations: 1(Details)
Student Leadership through the Lens of Lebanese Public School Students ,OJL,Vol.7 No.1, 2018
Najah A. R. Ghamrawi Norma Ghamrawi Tarek Shal
Citations: 1(Details)
Quality of Leadership and Implicated Constructs ,OJL,Vol.8 No.3, 2019
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco Pedro Miguel Castanheira Teixeira
Citations: 1(Details)
Leadership Styles and Retention of Teachers in Private Primary Schools in Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality, Uganda ,OJL,Vol.8 No.4, 2019
Wilson Mugizi Grandford Tumuhaise Bulhan Samanya Augustina Ogaga Dafiewhare
Citations: 1(Details)
Drivers of Higher Education Output: Saudi Evidence and Analysis ,OJL,Vol.8 No.4, 2019
Sami Alsulami
Citations: 1(Details)
When All Roads Lead to Rome: The Catholic Hospital Dilemma Impacts Entire US Healthcare System ,OJL,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Mary Ann Keogh Hoss Kevin S. Decker
Citations: 1(Details)
Leaders’ Personality in International Integration in Vietnam ,OJL,Vol.8 No.2, 2019
Nguyen Hai Thanh
Citations: 1(Details)
Educational Leadership: Characterization of Emerging Practices ,OJL,Vol.10 No.1, 2021
Mohamed El Wafiq Malika Tridane Said Belaaouad
Citations: 1(Details)
Leadership and the Limitations of Language ,OJL,Vol.5 No.2, 2016
Wiley W. Souba Matthew H. Souba
Citations: 1(Details)