Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology
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A Pathway to Small Satellite Market Growth ,AAST,Vol.1 No.1, 2016
Anders Kose Nervold Joshua Berk Jeremy Straub David Whalen
Citations: 4(Details)
Shock Wave Mitigation by Air Plasma Deflector ,AAST,Vol.3 No.4, 2018
Spencer P. Kuo
Citations: 2(Details)
Experimental and Theoretical Research Review of Hybrid Rocket Motor Techniques and Applications ,AAST,Vol.1 No.3, 2016
Entidhar A. Alkuam Wissam M. Alobaidi 1 1
Citations: 2(Details)
NASA’s EM Drive Thrust from the Forces of the Quantum Vacuum of Spacetime ,AAST,Vol.3 No.1, 2018
Mohamed S. El Naschie
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Studies on the Internal Ballistics of Composite Solid Rocket Propellants Incorporating Nano-Structured Catalysts ,AAST,Vol.2 No.4, 2017
Mukesh R. Sivasubramaniyam R. Elangovan R. R. Abhinaya Sree R. Harish R. Rajashree D. Satish Kumar Kanhar
Citations: 1(Details)
Isopropanol as Fuel for Small Unmanned Aircraft ,AAST,Vol.2 No.3, 2017
Chung-How Poh Chung-Kiak Poh
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Automatic Approach and Landing Trajectory Planner for Unpowered Reusable Launch Vehicle ,AAST,Vol.2 No.4, 2017
Fawaz F. AL-Bakri Craig A. Kluever
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The Construction of an Ontology-Based Knowledge Management Model for Departure Procedures ,AAST,Vol.1 No.1, 2016
Kuo-Wei Su Chun-Hung Yang Po-Hsin Huang
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Air Plasma Mitigation of Shock Wave ,AAST,Vol.1 No.2, 2016
Spencer P. Kuo
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