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Review of Major Theories of Skin Aging ,AAR,Vol.3 No.4, 2014
Alfredo Gragnani Sarita Mac Cornick Verônica Chominski Samuel Marcos Ribeiro de Noronha Silvana Aparecida Alves Corrêa de Noronha Lydia Masako Ferreira
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Depression among elderly living in Briddashram (old age home) ,AAR,Vol.3 No.1, 2014
Hom Nath Chalise
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Evaluating the effects of open/closed eyes and age-related differences on center of foot pressure sway during stepping at a set tempo ,AAR,Vol.1 No.3, 2012
Hiroki Aoki Shinichi Demura Haruka Kawabata Hiroki Sugiura Yu Uchida Ning Xu Hitoshi Murase
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Overview of Quality of Life Research in Older People with Visual Impairment ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Chong-Wen Wang Cecilia L. W. Chan Iris Chi
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Relationships between gait properties on soft surfaces, physical function, and fall risk for the elderly ,AAR,Vol.2 No.2, 2013
Shinichi Demura Sohee Shin Shinji Takahashi Shunsuke Yamaji
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Impact of the Community-Based Active Monitoring Program on the Long Term Care Services Use and In-Patient Admissions of the Over-74 Population ,AAR,Vol.4 No.6, 2015
Maria Cristina Marazzi Maria Chiara Inzerilli Olga Madaro Leonardo Palombi Paola Scarcella Stefano Orlando Massimo Maurici Giuseppe Liotta
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Canadian provincial, territorial, and federal government aging policies: A systematic review ,AAR,Vol.1 No.2, 2012
Donna Marie Wilson Jane Osei-Waree Jessica Anne Hewitt Andrew Broad
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Prevalence of Sarcopenia among Nursing Home Older Residents in Cairo, Egypt ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Tomader Taha Abdel Rahman Nehal Mahmoud Elkholy Ahmad Kamel Mortagy
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Creating Effective Self-Management for Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes and Cognitive Impairment ,AAR,Vol.4 No.2, 2015
Cameron J. Camp Kathleen Fox Michael J. Skrajner Vincent Antenucci Jessica Haberman
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“What are you interested in?”—A survey on 601 nursing homes residents activities interests ,AAR,Vol.1 No.2, 2012
Elsa Leone Julie Piano Audrey Deudon Beyneix Alain Anne-Marie Wargnier Philippe Balard Denis Soriano Patrick Malléa Philippe Robert Arnaud Dechamps
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New antioxidant SkQ1 is an effective protector of rat eye retinal pigment epithelium and choroid under conditions of long-term organotypic cultivation ,AAR,Vol.1 No.2, 2012
E. N. Grigoryan Y. P. Novikova O. S. Gancharova O.V. Kilina P. P. Philippov
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Increased vitamin D is associated with decline of naïve, but accumulation of effector, CD8 T cells during early aging ,AAR,Vol.2 No.2, 2013
Yong Gil Hwang Hui-Chen Hsu Fei Chu Lim Qi Wu PingAr Yang Gordon Fisher Gary R. Hunter John D. Mountz
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Effect of Aging and Sex on Circulating MicroRNAs in Humans ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Shuji Sawada Takayuki Akimoto Masaki Takahashi Ryota Sakurai Shoji Shinkai Takashi Ushida Yoshinori Fujiwara Katsuhiko Suzuki
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VoiceMyChoice™: Facilitating Understanding of Preferences of Residents with Dementia ,AAR,Vol.5 No.6, 2016
Michelle S. Bourgeois Cameron J. Camp Vincent Antenucci Kathleen Fox
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Handgrip strength and falls in community-dwelling Egyptian seniors ,AAR,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Hoda Wahba Samia Abdul-Rahman Ahmed Mortagy
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S100B and delirium in the geriatric acute care setting ,AAR,Vol.3 No.1, 2014
Walaa W. Aly Samia A. Abdul-Rahman Salma M. S. El Said Samah A. Bastawy
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The effects of aging on muscle loss and tissue-specific levels of NF-κB and SIRT6 proteins in rats ,AAR,Vol.2 No.1, 2013
Tiev C. LaGuire Corinne R. Kohlen Susan N. Hawk Scott K. Reaves
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Evaluation of health determinants for sustaining workability in aging US workforce ,AAR,Vol.2 No.3, 2013
Vatsalya Vatsalya Robert Karch
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Real and Perceived Physical Functioning in Italian Elderly Population: Associations with BADL and IADL ,AAR,Vol.3 No.5, 2014
Filippo Candela Giulia Zucchetti Daniele Magistro Enrique Ortega Emanuela Rabaglietti
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Purpose in life among very old men ,AAR,Vol.2 No.3, 2013
Pia Hedberg Yngve Gustafson Christine Brulin Lena Aléx
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Domestic Violence against Elderly People: A Case Study of India ,AAR,Vol.5 No.5, 2016
Punita Govil Swati Gupta
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Social integration: How is it related to self-rated health? ,AAR,Vol.2 No.1, 2013
Hejun Kang Yvonne L. Michael
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Memory Training and Task Specificity in 90-99-Year-Old Seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment ,AAR,Vol.4 No.1, 2015
Peter A. Magaro Bruce Brotter Mariyam Jalees
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Barriers and facilitators to an outreach rehabilitation program delivered in nursing homes after hip fracture surgical repair ,AAR,Vol.2 No.1, 2013
Donna M. Wilson Sandra L. Robertson C. Allyson Jones D. W. C. Johnston Lauren A. Beaupre
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Risk Factors of First Acute Myocardial Infarction: Comparison of Elderly and Non-Elderly: A 24-Year Study ,AAR,Vol.4 No.1, 2015
Soheila Dabiran Behrooz Khaleghi Manesh Farahnaz Khajehnasiri
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Development of an Assessment Tool for Domestic Elder Abuse: Creation of Items from a Literature Review ,AAR,Vol.4 No.6, 2015
Qinqiuzi Yi Junko Honda Naohiro Hohashi
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Identity Processes, Depression, and the Aging Self
—A Norwegian Study
,AAR,Vol.4 No.6, 2015
Gail Low Mary Kalfoss Liv Halvorsrud
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Neuroprotective role of 17β estradiol with tachykinin neuropeptide NKB and Aβ (25 - 35) in aging female rat brain ,AAR,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Rashmi Jha Abbas Ali Mahdi Shivani Pandey Najma Z. Baquer Sudha M. Cowsik
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Shintaido in the elderly: The new way for physical and psychological health ,AAR,Vol.1 No.2, 2012
Mattia Roppolo Anna Mulasso Daniele Magistro Antonella Roggero Patrizio Andreoli Monica Emma Liubicich
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Development of a fall prevention protocol for replication in a virtual environment ,AAR,Vol.1 No.2, 2012
Beth Ann Walker Lesa L. Huber
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Impact of Post Hepatitis C Chronic Liver Disease and Hepatocellular Carcinoma on Health Related Quality of Life ,AAR,Vol.4 No.6, 2015
Somaia M. Ebeid Safaa H. Ali Heba Y. Kamel Ahmed A. Elbaz Hazem M. El-Hariri
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A profile of personnel who work with retired volunteers at a service centre for elderly persons ,AAR,Vol.1 No.1, 2012
Sanet Jansen van Rensburg Herman Strydom
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New antioxidant SkQ1 is an effective protector of rat neural retina under conditions of long-term organotypic cultivation ,AAR,Vol.2 No.2, 2013
E. N. Grigoryan Y. P. Novikova O. V. Kilina P. P. Philippov
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Age-Associated Changes in Skeletal Muscle Regeneration: Effect of Exercise ,AAR,Vol.4 No.6, 2015
Teet Seene Priit Kaasik
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Research Progress on Aging Mechanisms ,AAR,Vol.5 No.2, 2016
Qiang Wang Fengjuan Zhou Wenmei Xie Xiaorong Zhao Xuan Liu
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Magnesium levels among critically ill elderly patients; mortality and morbidity correlation ,AAR,Vol.3 No.1, 2014
Salma M. S. El Said Walaa W. Aly
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Melatonin Avoids Anatomofunctional Changes Associated to Aging in a Rat Model ,AAR,Vol.3 No.4, 2014
Bertha Prieto Gómez Cruz Reyes-Vázquez Mireya Velázquez-Paniagua
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The Rate of Aging of the Dunaliella viridis Teodor. Culture Depends on the Algae Pre-Adaptation to Copper Sulfate Toxic Effect ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
A. I. Bozhkov M. K. Kovaleva N. G. Menzyanova Y. A. Kuznetsova
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Effects of Sustained, Coordinated Activities Programming in Long-Term Care: The Memory in Rhythm&#174 Program ,AAR,Vol.5 No.1, 2016
Iva De Witt-Hoblit Mary Neal Miller Cameron J. Camp
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New Characteristics of Active Life Expectancy of the Elderly in China ,AAR,Vol.5 No.1, 2016
Ping Gao Han-Dong Li
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Effects of tachykinin neuropeptide NKB and Aβ (25-35) on antioxidant enzymes status in 17β estradiol treated aging female rats ,AAR,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Rashmi Jha Abbas Ali Mahdi Shivani Pandey Najma Z. Baquer Sudha M. Cowsik
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Addressing Healthcare Needs in Older People after Discharge ,AAR,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Maria Grazia Proietti Teresa Compagnone Giuseppe Liotta
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Development of a Canadian Adaptation of the Facts on Aging Quiz ,AAR,Vol.5 No.3, 2016
Edward Helmes
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Effect of aging on the relationship between capillary supply and muscle fiber size ,AAR,Vol.2 No.1, 2013
Yutaka Kano Kunihiro Sakuma
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Erratum to “Prevalence of Sarcopenia among Nursing Home Older Residents in Cairo, Egypt” [Advances in Aging Research 3 (2014) 118-123] ,AAR,Vol.3 No.4, 2014
Tomader Taha Abdel Rahman Hoda Mohammed Farid Nehal Mahmoud Elkholy Ahmad Kamel Mortagy Ahmad Kamel Mortagy
Citations: 2(Details)
Participation of Morphofunctional Zones in Aging Processes ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
T. M. Yavisheva S. D. Shcherbakov
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Nocturia: Impact on quality of life in an Egyptian adult population ,AAR,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Salma M. S. El Said Tomader Abd El Rahman Ahmed K. Mortagy Marian Wagieh Mansour
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Adapting to the Physical Changes of Aging with COPD ,AAR,Vol.4 No.4, 2015
Gail Low Donna Wilson Michael Stickland Carolyn Ross Eric Wong
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Systematic Thinking Underlying People with Diabetes’ Beliefs on Health Outcomes: An Information Integration Theory Approach ,AAR,Vol.3 No.4, 2014
Perla Lizeth Hernández-Cortés Guadalupe Elizabeth Morales Martínes López Ramírez Ernesto Octavio Bertha Cecilia Salazar-González
Citations: 1(Details)
Melatonin changes the electrical spontaneous activity of hippocampal rat neurons at different ages ,AAR,Vol.3 No.1, 2014
Daniel Perez-Torres Cruz Reyes-Vázquez Mireya Velázquez-Paniagua Bertha P rieto-Gómez
Citations: 1(Details)
Second Law of Thermodynamics Formalism Applied to Finite Duration through Cycles of Living Dissipative Systems ,AAR,Vol.3 No.5, 2014
Jorge Antonio Montemayor-Aldrete Pablo Ugalde-Vélez Marcelo Del Castillo-Mussot Gerardo Jorge Vázquez Ernesto Federico Montemayor-Varela
Citations: 1(Details)
Sensitivity and Specificity of a Short Questionnaire to Screen Frailty in the Community-Dwelling Older Population ,AAR,Vol.7 No.3, 2018
Alessandra Capanna Paola Scarcella Francesco Gilardi Sandro Mancinelli Leonardo Palombi Maria Cristina Marazzi Fabio Riccardi Giuseppe Liotta
Citations: 1(Details)
An Intensive Mind and Body Therapeutic Program Leads to Alteration in Gene Expression Critical to Aging Process in Peripheral Blood Stem Cells ,AAR,Vol.4 No.3, 2015
Krishna S. Rao Swarup K. Chakrabarti Vaishali S. Dongare B. S. Sharath H. M. Vikas K. Chetana Kaushik D. Deb
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In Community Dwelling Females Age 65 or Older, Gait Speed Declines as Kinesthetic Awareness of the Lower Legs Decreases ,AAR,Vol.6 No.1, 2017
Minsun Hong Ngozi Onyema Ayse Ozcan Edeer Valerie Olson
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Ontogenetic Approach to the Study of Mechanisms of Copper-Induced Liver Fibrosis ,AAR,Vol.6 No.3, 2017
Anatoliy I. Bozhkov Olena M. Klimova Yuriy V. Nikitchenko Natalia I. Kurguzova Olena S. Linkevych Katherine M. Lebid Olena S. Protsenko Natalya A. Remneva Ali M. M. Al-Bahadly Mohammad A. Y. Al-Begai
Citations: 1(Details)
The effects of fall experience by tripping on the movement of stepping over an obstacle ,AAR,Vol.2 No.2, 2013
Sohee Shin Shinichi Demura Hiroki Sugiura Yuu Uchida Ning Xu
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Is State Anhedonia Characteristic of Parkinson’s Disease? ,AAR,Vol.4 No.6, 2015
Gwenolé Loas Pierre Krystkowiak 1 1
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Anemia in the Elderly: Neuropsychiatric Repercussions ,AAR,Vol.6 No.1, 2017
Barbara Gazolla Macedo Poliana P. R. Dias Hanna S. Camara Carlos Maurício F. Antunes
Citations: 1(Details)
The Cyclic Feeding Regime Induces Decaying Age-Dependent Oxidative Stress and Regulates the Cell Chain of the Immunity ,AAR,Vol.5 No.6, 2016
Anatoly I. Bozhkov Yuriy V. Nikitchenko Katerina N. Lebed’ Olena S. Linkevych Natalia I. Kurguzova Olena M. Klimova Mohammad A. Y. Al Begai Ali M. M. Al-Bahadly Mohammad M. A. Alsardia
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Profiling users and non-users of senior services ,AAR,Vol.2 No.4, 2013
Roschelle Heuberger Karly Caudell
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The Relation between Apolipoprotein E4 Genotype and Vascular Dementia ,AAR,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Tomader Taha Abdel Rahman Safia Mohamed Shehata
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Age and Gender Differences in Cytokine Profile of Lymph and Blood Serum ,AAR,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Alexandr Poveshchenko Nikolai Orlov Oleg Kazakov Olga Poveshchenko Irina Kim Natali Bondarenko Tatjana Miller Dmitri Strunkin Alexei Kabakov Tatjana Reiter Vladimir Konenkov
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Ability of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment to Detect Frailty ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Moatassem S. Amer Tamer M. Farid Ekrami E. Abd El-Rahman Deena M. EL-Maleh Omar H. Omar Randa A. Mabrouk
Citations: 1(Details)
Serum Ferritin: Is It an Independent Predictor of Reduced Bone Mineral Density among Elderly Women? ,AAR,Vol.5 No.6, 2016
Shereen M. Mousa Abeer A. Ibrahim Rima A. Al Adsani
Citations: 1(Details)
Insulin Resistance and Cognitive Functions in a Sample of Prefrail, Frail and Non-Frail Elderly ,AAR,Vol.3 No.2, 2014
Moatassem S. Amer Mohamed S. Khater Nermien N. Adly Mohamed O. El Maraghy
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Automatic Information Processing Bias to Stress Factors by Older Adults with and without Diabetes ,AAR,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Perla Lizeth Hernández-Cortés López Ramírez Ernesto Octavio Guadalupe Elizabeth Morales Martínes Bertha Cecilia Salazar-González
Citations: 1(Details)
Correspondence amongst the PENO Test Battery Cognitive Results and Hippocampal Lesions in Alzheimer’s Disease ,AAR,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Rojas Karla Díaz Alfonso Espinosa Blanca Montaño Luis Felipe Dilhuydy Hugo Geraux Francine Joanette Yves Robitaille Yves Guevara Jorge
Citations: 1(Details)
Is Cognition a Determinant of Health Related Quality of Life in Community Dwelling Non Demented Elderly? ,AAR,Vol.3 No.5, 2014
Motassem S. Amer Rania M. El Akkad Heba S. Hassan
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Clinical Evaluation and Orodental Status in a Group of Elderly Institutionalised Patients ,AAR,Vol.3 No.3, 2014
Massimo Corsalini Daniela Di Venere Gianluca Stefanachi Silvio Tafuri Francesco Pettini
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