Dr. A. Nirmala Grace

Centre for Nanotechnology Research

VIT University, India

Associate Professor



Ph.D., University of Madras, Inorganic Chemistry/Nanomaterials

M.Phil, University of Madras, Nanomaterials

M.Sc., University of Madras, Chemistry

Publications (selected)

  1. Rajendran Ramachandran, Murugan Saranya, Chella Santhosh, Venugopal Velmurugan, Bala P.C. Raghupathy, Soon Kwan Jeong and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Co9S8 nanoflakes on Graphene (Co9S8/G) nanocomposites for high performance Supercapacitors, RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 21151-21162.
  2. Andrews Nirmala Grace, Song Yi Choi, Mari Vinoba, Dae Hyun Chu, Yeoil Yoon, Sung Chan Nam and Soon Kwan Jeong, Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide at low overpotential on a Polyaniline/Cu2O nanocomposite based electrode, Applied Energy, 2014, 120, 85-94.
  3. P. Ramesh Kumar, Pratap Kollu, Chella Santhosh, Eswara Varaprasada Rao. K, Do Kyung Kim and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Enhanced properties of porous CoFe2O4-reduced graphene oxide composite with alginate binder for Li ion battery applications, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014, 38, 3654-3661.
  4. Pratap Kollu, Sateesh Prathapani, Eswara K. Varaprasadarao, Chella Santosh, Sudhanshu Mallick, Andrews Nirmala Grace, and D. Bahadur, Anomalous magnetic behavior in nanocomposite materials of reduced graphene oxide- Ni/NiFe2O4, Applied Physics Letters 105, 052412 (2014).
  5. Chella Santhosh, Pratap Kollu, Sejal Doshi, Madhulika Sharma, Dhirendra Bahadur, Mudaliar Vanchinathan. T, P. Saravanan, Byeong-Su Kim and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Adsorption, photodegradation and antibacterial study of Graphene-Fe3O4 nanocomposite for multipurpose water purification application, RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 28300-308.
  6. Murugan Saranya, Chella Santhosh, Rajendran Ramachandran, Pratap Kollu, Padmanapan Saravanan, Mari Vinoba, Soon Kwan Jeong and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Hydrothermal Growth of CuS nanostructures and its photocatalytic properties, Powder Technology, 2014, Volume 252, 25-32.
  7. Sathiyanathan Felix, Pratap Kollu, Bala P.C. Raghupathy, Soon Kwan Jeong and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Electrocatalytic activity of Cu2O nanocubes-based electrode for glucose oxidation, Journal of Chemical Sciences, 2014, 126, 1, 25-32.
  8. Murugan Saranya, Chella Santhosh, Rajendran Ramachandran, and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Growth of CuS nanostructures by hydrothermal route and its optical properties, Journal of Nanotechnology, Vol. 2014.
  9. Chella Santhosh, Murugan Saranya, Rajendran Ramachandran, Sathiyanathan Felix, Venugopal Velmurugan and Andrews Nirmala Grace. Graphene/gold nanocomposites based thin films as an enhanced sensing platform for voltammetric detection of Cr (VI) ions, Journal of Nanotechnology, Vol. 2014.
  10. K Krishnadevi, A.Nirmala Grace, M Alagar, V Selvaraj, Development of hexa (aminophenyl) cyclotriphosphazene-modified cyanate ester composites for high-temperature applications, High Performance Polymers, 2014, Vol. 26, No. 1, 89-96.
  11. Paramita Sarkar, Chithra Parameswaran, C. Harish, M Bhanu Chandra, A Nirmala Grace, Kinetics of silver nanoparticle growth using DMF as reductant – Effect of surfactants, Advanced Materials Research, 2014, Vol. 938, 30-35.
  12. Priya, K., Rajasekar, N., Santhosh, C., & Nirmala Grace, A. Preparation and characterization of graphene supported palladium nanoparticles for direct methanol fuel cells. IEEE Conference series, International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering, ICAEE 2014, 2014.
  13. Mari Vinoba, Margandan Bhagiyalakshmi, Andrews Nirmala Grace, Dae Hyun Chu, Sungchan Nam, Yeoil Yoon, Sungho Yoon, Soon Kwan Jeong, CO2 Absorption and Sequestration as Various Polymorphs of CaCO3 Using Sterically Hindered Amine, Langmuir, 2013, 29(50), 15655–15663.
  14. R. Ramachandran, S. Felix, M. Saranya, C. Santhosh, Bala P C Ragupathy and A. Nirmala Grace, Preparation of Cobalt sulfide-Graphene (CoS/G) nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, June 2013, 12(6), 985-990.
  15. Andrews Nirmala Grace, Rajendran Ramachandran, Mari Vinoba, Song Yi Choi, Dae Hyun Chu, Yeoil Yoon, Sung Chan Nam and Soon Kwan Jeong, Facile synthesis and electrochemical properties of Co3S4-nitrogen-doped graphene nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications, Electroanalysis, 2013, 25, 1-10.
  16. Rajendran Ramachandran, S. Felix, Girish M. Joshi, Bala P.C. Raghupathy, Soon Kwan Jeong and Andrews Nirmala Grace, Synthesis of graphene platelets by chemical and electrochemical route, Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 48, Issue 10, October 2013, pp. 3834-3842.
  17. Anhydrase Promotes the Absorption Rate of CO2 in Post-Combustion Processes, Mari Vinoba, Margandan Bhagiyalakshmi, Andrews Nirmala Grace, Dae Hoon Kim, Yeoil Yoon, Sung Chan Nam, Il Hyun Baek and Soon Kwan Jeong, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2013, 117(18), pp. 5683–5690.
  18. Biosorption Of Phenol By A Chemically Treated Wild Macrofungus: Equilibrium And Kinetic Study, R. Vimala and A. Nirmala Grace, International Journal of Pharma and Biosciences, 2013, Apr; 4(2): (B) 263-273.
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  25. Synthesis and characterization of CuS nanomaterials using hydrothermal route, M. Saranya, C. Santhosh, S. Prathap Augustine and A. Nirmala Grace, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, 1, 1-8, 2012.

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