Dr. Yonggan Wu

Department of Genetics

Stanford University, USA

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Bioinformatics Specialist



2013 - Present Bioinformatics Specilist, Stanford University & HHMI

2013 - 2013 Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Ocean Ridge Biosciences LLC

2011 - 2013 Bioinformatics Scientist, Ocean Ridge Biosciences LLC

2009 - 2011 M.Sc., Biology(Bioinformatic Branch), Texas Tech University

2006 - 2009 M.Sc., Microbiology(Bioinformatic Branch), Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academic of Sciences

2002 - 2006 B.Sc., Biology, Yunnan University

Publications (selected)

  1. Ma H, Wu Y, Dang Y, Choi JG, Zhang J, Wu H., 2014. Pol III Promoters to Express Small RNAs: Delineation of Transcription Initiation. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. vol. 3, pp. e161. ISSN 2162-2531. Available from:
  2. Ma H, Wu Y, Choi JG, Wu H., 2014. Lower and upper stem-single-stranded RNA junctions together determine the Drosha cleavage site. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. vol. 110, no. 51, pp. 20687-92. ISSN 1091-6490. Available from:
  3. Tang S, Wu Y, Ryan CN, Yu S, Qin G, Edwards DS, Mayer GD., 2014. Distinct expression profiles of stress defense and DNA repair genes in Daphnia pulex exposed to cadmium, zinc, and quantum dots. Chemosphere. vol. 120C, pp. 92-99. ISSN 1879-1298. Available from:
  4. Barnette DN, VandeKopple M, Wu Y, Willoughby DA, Lincoln J., 2014. RNA-Seq Analysis to Identify Novel Roles of Scleraxis during Embryonic Mouse Heart Valve Remodeling. PLoS ONE. vol. 9 no. 7, pp. e101425. ISSN 1932-6203. Available from:
  5. Wu Y, Wei B, Liu H, Li T, Rayner S., 2011. MiRPara: a SVM-based software tool for prediction of most probable microRNA coding regions in genome scale sequences. BMC Bioinformatics. vol. 12, no. 107. ISSN: 1471-2105. Available from:
  6. Pan XL, Liu H, Wang HY, Fu SH, Liu HZ, Zhang HL, Li MH, Gao XY, Wang JL, Sun XH, Lu XJ, Zhai YG, Meng WS, He Y, Wang HQ, Han N, Wei B, Wu YG, Feng Y, Yang DJ, Wang LH, Tang Q, Xia G, Kurane I, Rayner S, Liang GD., 2009. Emergence of genotype I of Japanese encephalitis virus as the dominant genotype in Asia. J. Virol. vol. 85, no. 19, pp. 9847-53, ISSN 1098-5514. Available from:

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