Prof. Boris S. Mordukhovich

Wayne State University, USA


1990 Ph.D., Belarus State University
1985 M.Sc., Belarus State University

Publications (Selected)

  1. First-order and second-order optimality conditions for nonsmooth constrained problems via smoothing convolution (with A. C. Eberhard), to appear in Optimization.
  2. Applying metric regularity to compute condition measure of smooth algorithm for matrix games (with J. Pe˜na and V. Roshchina), to appear in SIAM J. Optim.
  3. Optimal control and feedback design of state-constrained parabolic systems in uncertainty con­ditions, to appear in Applic. Anal.
  4. Enhanced metric regularity and Lipschitzian properties of variational systems (with F. J. Arag´on Artacho), to appear in J. Global Optim.
  5. Hybrid proximal methods for equilibrium problems (with B. Panicucci, M. Pappalardo and M. Passacantando), to appear in Optim. Letters.
  6. Well-posedness of minimal time problems with constant dynamics in Banach spaces (with G. Colombo and V. V. Goncharov), to appear in Set-Valued Var. Anal.
  7. Rened necessary conditions of multiobjective optimization with applications to microeconomic modeling (with T. Q. Bao), to appear in Comm. Pure Appl. Anal. 8.   Weak sharp minima on Riemannian manifolds (with C. Li, J. C. Yao and J. H. Wang), to appear in SIAM J. Optim.
  8. Hybrid approximate proximal algorithms for efficient solutions in vector optimization (with T. Chuong and J. C. Yao), to appear in Europ. J. Oper. Res.
  9. Hybrid approximate proximal method with auxiliary variational inequality for vector optimiza¬tion (with L. C. Chen and J. C. Yao), to appear in J. Optim. Theory Appl.
  10. Metric regularity and Lipschitzian stability of parametric variational systems (with F. J. Arag´on Artacho), Nonlinear Anal. 72 (2010), 1149–1170.
  11. Set-valued optimization in welfare economics (with T. Q. Bao), Adv. Math. Econ. 13 (2010), 113–153.