Dr. Mario Díaz
Laboratory of Membrane Physiology and Biophysics

Department of Animal Biology

University of La Laguna, Spain



1990 Ph.D., Animal Physiology. La Laguna University, Spain

1989 B.Sc., Computer Sciences. Spanish Ministry of Science and Education

1886 M.Sc., Animal Biology. La Laguna University, Spain

1984 B.Sc., Biological Sciences. La Laguna University, Spain

Publications (selected)
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  2. Fabelo N., Martín V., González C., Alonso A. and Díaz M. (2012). Effects of estradiol on brain lipid and fatty acid composition. Comparison between pregnant and ovariectomized estradiol-treated rats. Journal of Neuroendocrinology. 24, 292–309.
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  6. Lahoz F., Oton C., López D., Marrero-Alonso J., Boto A. and Díaz M. (2012). Whispering gallery mode laser based on antitumor drug-dye complex gain medium. Optics Letters. 37, 4756-4758.
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  12. Marin R., Casañas V., Pérez J.A., Fabelo N., Fernández C.E. and Díaz M (2013) Oestrogens as modulators of neuronal signalosomes and brain lipid homeostasis related to protection against neurodegeneration. Journal of Neuroendocrinology.25:1104-1115.
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