Dr. Samiul Amin

Bioscience Development Initiative
Malvern Instruments
Columbia, Maryland, USA

Director New Technology Assessment



2002  Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA
1997  M.Sc., Chemical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, USA
1995  B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Rutgers University, USA

Publications (selected)

  1. S.Amin, C.Rega, H.Jankevicks (2012) Detection of viscoelasticity in aggregating dilute protein solutions through dynamic light scattering-based optical microrheology-Rheologica Acta, V51, pp 329-342.
  2. R.Angelico, S.Amin, M.Monduzzi, S.Murgia, U.Olsson, G.Palazzo (2012) Impact of Branching on the Viscoelasticity of Reverse Worm Like Micelles, Soft Matter, 8, 10941-10949.
  3. S.Tanner, S.Amin, C.J.Kloxin & J.van Zanten (2011) Microviscoelasticity of soft repulsive sphere dispersions: Tracer particle microrheology of triblock copolymer micellar liquids and soft crystals-Journal of Chemical Physics, 134, 174903.
  4. R.Recchia, A. S. Ferrante, S.Amin and G. Palazzo (2010) Lauric acid-induced formation of a lyotropic nematic phase of disk shaped micelles-Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 (21), pp 7250–7260, Giuseppe Colafemmina.
  5. Penfold J. ; Staples E. ; Tucker I. ; Carroll P. ; Clayton I. ; Cowan J. S. Lawton  G. ; Amin S. ; Ferrante A. ; Ruddock N. (2006) Elongational flow induced ordering in surfactant micelles and mesophases, Journal of  Physical Chemistry B , 110 (2), 1073-1082.
  6. J.H. van Zanten, S. Amin, and A.A. Abdala (2004) Brownian motion of colloidal spheres in aqueous PEO solutions, Macromolecules, 37, 3874-3880.
  7. S. Amin, T.W. Kermis, R.M. van Zanten, S.J. Dees & J.H. van Zanten (2001), Concentration Fluctuations in CTAB/NaSal Solutions, Langmuir, 17, 8055-8061.

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