Dr. Miriam Benezra

Department of Radiology Radiochemistry & Imaging Science Service
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA
Department of Radiology, Well Medical College of Cornell University, USA



Ph.D., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Cell Biology & Cancer
B.Pharm., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Pharmacy license
M.Sc., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Pharmacology
B.Sc., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Biology

Publications (selected)

  1. Benezra M, Hambardzumyan D,  Penate-Medina,O  Veach DR. Pillarsetty. N, Smith  P, Zanzonico P, Longo VA, Holland  EC, Larson SM and Bradbury MS. F-dasatininb inhibits glioma cell proliferation and alters expression of PDGFR signaling pathway intermidiates in PDGFR-overexpressing glioma models, Neoplasia, 2012 December: 14(12): 1132-1143. doi 10.1593/neo.121750.
  2. Benezra M, Philips E, Tykera D, Dobrenkov K, Siim B, Chaplin D, Rafii  S, Rabbany S and Bradbury MS. Serial monitoring of human systemic xenograft models of leukemia using a novel vascular disrupting agent. Leukemia 2012 March: 26:1771-1778; doi; 10.138/leu.2012.48.
  3. Benezra M, Penate-Medina O, Zanzonico PB, Schaer D, Ow H, Burns A, DeStanchina E, Longo V, Herz E, Iyer S, Wolchok J, Larson SM, Wisner U, Bradbury MS. Multimodal silica nanoparticles as cancer targeted probes for clinical translation. J. Clin invit. 2011 July;121(7): 2768-2780. doi: 10.1172/JCI45600.
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  5. Schweppe RE, Klopper JP, Korch C, Pugazhenthi U, Benezra M, Knauf JA, Fagin JA, Marlow LA, Copland JA, Smallridge RC, Haugen BBRR. DNA profiling of 40 human thyroid cancer cell lines reveals cross-contaminations resulting in cell line redundancy and misidentification. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Nov;93(11):4331-41.
  6. Leboeuf R, Baumgartner JE, Benezra M, Malaguarnera R, Solit D, Pratilas CA, Rosen N, Knauf JA, Fagin JA. BRAF V600E mutation is associated with preferential sensitivity to mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibition in thyroid cancer cell lines. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jun;93(6):2194-201.
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  11. Benezra M*, Ishai-Michaeli R, Ben-Sasson S, Vlodavsky I. Structure  Activity Relation of heparin mimicking compounds in induction of bFGF release from extracellular matrix and inhibition of SMCs cell proliferation and heparin activity. J Cell Physiol. 2002 Sep;192(3):276-85.
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  13. J Benezra M, Vogel T, Ben-Sasson S, Panet A, Sehayek E, AL-Haideri M, Decklbaum RJ, Vlodavsky I. A synthetic heparin-mimicking polyanionic compound inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation through binding  to the LDL receptor-related protein. J Cell Biochem. 2001 Apr;81(1):114-27.
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