Dr. Hazar Guesmi

Dr. Hazar Guesmi

National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Institute of Charles Gerhardt – Montpellier, France

Permanent CNRS researcher



2005 Ph.D., University Paul Sézanne, Physics, Material Science

2002 Postgraduate degree., University of Aix-Marseille I-II-III, Material Science (Surface/Interface)

2001 M.Sc., University of Bizerte (Tunis II)


  1. Guesmi H. and Tielens F. (2012), Chromium Oxide Species Supported on Silica; a Representative Periodic DFT Model, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 994-1001.
  2. Cornu D., Guesmi H., Kraft J-C. and Pernot H. (2012), acido-basic interactions between CO2 and MgO surface: DFT and DRIFT approaches, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 6645-6654.
  3. Guesmi H., Massiani P., Nouali H. and Paillaud J-L. (2012), Simultaneous occupation of SIa and SI’ sites in dehydrated K-LSX zeolite: Experimental and DFT evidences, Journal of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 159, 87-95.
  4. Dhouib A. and Guesmi H. (2012), DFT study of the M segregation on MAu alloys (M=Ni, Pd, Pt) in presence of adsorbed oxygen O and O2, Chemical Physics Letters, 521, 98-103.

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