Dr. Omid Iravani

Dr. Omid Iravani

Department of Anatomy, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

National University of Singapore, Singapore




2014 ECA Cytogenetic Dip., University Paris Descartes, Paris, France

2012 Ph.D., Department of Anatomy, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

2000 MD., Isfahan University of medical sciences, Isfahan, Iran

Research Fields

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Medical Genetics

Anatomical Variations and pathologies

Medical Education

Forensic Sciences

Publications (selected)

  1. Mohammad Fazilati, Omid Iravani, Mohammad Hassan Ghadyani, Comparison of ethanol concentrations between Vitreous humour of right and left eyes of corps suspected to ethanol abuse. Scientific Journal of Forensic Medicine. 2008 Dec; 13 (4):1-5.
  2. Omid Iravani, Benjamin Wei-Rong Tay, Pei-Jou Chua, George Wai-Cheong Yip, Boon-Huat Bay. cClaudins and Gastric Carcinogenesis”, Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2013 Apr; 238(4):344-9.
  3. Omid Iravani, Ern-Wei Tay, Boon-Huat Bay, Ng Yee Kong, “Unilateral ureteric stone associated with gross hydronephrosis and kidney shrinkage: a cadaveric report”, Anatomy & Cell Biology (ACB) Journal. 2014 Dec; 47(4):267-70.
  4. Omid Iravani, Question-based learning: An innovative approach to teaching clinical anatomy in medical education. CDTL Brief. 2015 May; 18(1): 7-13.

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