Dr. Ang Eng-Tat

Dr. Ang Eng-Tat

Department of Anatomy

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Senior Lecturer



2005 Ph.D., National University of Singapore, Neuroscience

Publications (Selected)

  1. E.T. Ang, P.T.H. Wong, S. Moochhala, Y.K. Ng (2003). Neuroprotection associated with running: Is it a result of increased endogenous neurotrophic factors? Neuroscience. 118 (2): 335-45.
  2. E.T. Ang, P.T.H. Wong, S. Moochhala, Y.K. Ng (2004). Cytokine changes in the horizontal diagonal band of Broca in the septum due to running and stroke. A correlation to glial activation. Neuroscience 129 (2): 337-47.
  3. E.T. Ang, P.T.H. Wong, S. Moochhala, Y.K. Ng (2006). Alterations in spatial learning and memory after exercise? Re-examining an old myth using a forced running paradigm and stereology. Brain Research 1113 (1): 186-93.
  4. E.T. Ang, F. Gomez-Pinilla (2007). Potential therapeutic effects of exercise to the brain. Current Medicinal Chemistry 14 (24): 2564-2571.
  5. E.T. Ang, R. Schäfer, R. Baltensperger, A.Wernig, M.Celio, S. Sancho Oliver (2010). Motor axonal sprouting and neuromuscular junctions loss in an animal model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology 69 (3): 281-293.
  6. E.T. Ang, Y.K. Tai, S.Q. Lo, R. Seet, T.W. Soong (2010) Neurodegenerative diseases: exercising toward neurogenesis and neuroregeneration. Front Aging Neurosci. 21; 2. pii: 25.

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