Dr. Ruhai Wu

McMaster University, Canada

Assistant Professor


Research fields

Channel Relationship

Retailing, Pricing Strategy

Game Theory,

Electronic Commerce

Social Media Marketing

Customer Loyalty Program


2006 Ph.D., Economics, University of Texas at Austin, USA

2002 M.Sc., Economics, University of Texas at Austin, USA

1999 M.Sc., Finance, Tsinghua University, China

1997 B.A., Finance, Tsinghua University, China

Publications (selected)

  1. Kacker, Manish, Ruhai Wu, "Special Investments in Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships: A Model", Journal of Marketing Channels, 2013, Vol. 20:1-2, pp.120-140.
  2. Rinallo,Diego, Suman Basuroy, Ruhai Wu, Jean Jeon, “Ethical Dilemma in Advertising and Media Coverage”, Journal of Business Ethics, 2012, June, 1-17.
  3. Wu, Ruhai, Xianjun Geng, Andrew B. Whinston, “A General Model of Partial Resale,” Decision Support System, 2012, Vol. 53, pp. 108-117.
  4. Wu, Ruhai, Suman Basuroy, Srinath Beldona, “Integrating Production Cost in Channel Decisions,” Journal of Retailing, 2011, Vol.87, pp 101-110
  5. Geng, Xianjun, Ruhai Wu, Andrew B. Whinston, “Profiting from Partial Allowance of Ticket Resale,” Journal of Marketing, 2007, Vol. 71 (April), pp. 184-195.

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