Sung-Hoon An

Sung-Hoon An

Architectural Engineering Department

Daegu University, Korea

Associate Professor



2006 Ph.D., Architectural Construction and Material, Korea University, Korea

2004 M.S., Architectural Engineering, Korea University, Korea

1995 B.S., Architectural Engineering, Korea University, Korea

Publications (selected)

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  2. SH An, H Cho, UK Lee (2011) Reliability assessment of conceptual cost estimates for building construction projects, International Journal of Civil Engineering, 9(1), 1-16.
  3. DW Kim, SH An, H Cho, JW Jeong, BH Lee, NL Doh, KI Kang (2009) Development of conceptual model of construction factory for automated construction, Building and Environment, 44(8), 1634-1642.
  4. Y Shin, SH An, HH Cho, GH Kim, KI Kang (2008) Application of information technology for mass customization in the housing construction industry in Korea, Automation in Construction, 17(7), 831-838.