Sang-Tae No

Sang-Tae No

Korea National University of Transportation, Korea

Associate Professor


2008 Ph.D., Korea University, Architectural Engineering

2000 M.Sc., Korea University, Architectural Engineering

1997 B.Sc., Korea University, Architectural Engineering

Publications (selected)

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  2. Sang Tae No, Jae Yeob Kim. (2012), A Comparison of Detailed and Simple Building Energy Analysis Tools for Eco–Friendly Office Building Design, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 178-181, 3-6.
  3. Jae-Weon Jeong, Anseop Choi, Sang-Tae No. (2010), Improvement in demand-controlled ventilation simulation on multi-purposed facilities under an occupant based ventilation standard, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 18, 1, 51-62.
  4. Sang-Tae No, Kang-Soo Kim, Jin-Se Jung. (2008), Simulation and mock-up tests of the thermal performance of curtain walls, Energy and Buildings, 40, 7, 1135-1144.