Minho Seo

Minho Seo

Urban Research Division

Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements, Korea

Associate Research Fellow



2008 Ph.D. Candidate, Korea University, Urban Planning and Design

2005 M.Sc., Korea University, Urban Design

2000 B.Sc., Korea University, Architectural Engineering

Publications (selected)

  1. Minho, S., Alex, K. and Seiyong, K. (2013), Environmental and Economic Impacts of Transit-Oriented Corridors in Korea, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 12(2), pp.213-220.
  2. Minho, S. and Jinkyu C. (2012), A Study on Enhancing the Livability on Urban Streets, The Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements.
  3. Backjin L., Minho S., Hyeran K. and Ilho C. (2012), An Analysis of Residential Location Preferances: Accommodating Critical Levels of Residential Location Factors and Household Heterogeneity, The Korea Spatial Planning Review, 74, 17-33.
  4. Minho, S. and Seiyong K. (2012), A Review of Ambiguous Concepts on the Urban Livability Discourse, Journal of Architectural Institute of Korea, 28, 6, 211-222.
  5. Minho, S. and Seiyong K. (2012), The Impacts of Transit-Oriented Corridors on Realizing the Green City, Journal of the Urban Design Institute of Korea, 13, 1, 93-109.
  6. Minho, S., Backjin, L. and Jinkyu C. (2012), Planning of the Transit-Oriented Corridor towards Green City Development, The Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements.
  7. Minho, S. and Seiyong K. (2011), An Analysis on the Relationship between Planning Elements of Urban From and Travel Behavior Characteristics, Journal of Korea Planners Association, 46, 4, 223-244.
  8. Backjin L., Minho S., Ilho C. and Yunsuk, L. (2011), Impact of Connecting Highways between North and South Korea on International Travel, Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 9, 499-511.
  9. Yunsuk L., Minho, S. and Seiyong K. (2008), Comparison of Sustainable Urban Policies, Proceeding of Int’l Symposium on City Planning 2008 by Korea Planners Association.
  10. Minho, S., Yunsuk, L., Backjin, L. and Seiyong K. (2008), How Urban From Does Affect Gas Emission in Asian Cities, Proceeding of Int’l Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, Energy.
  11. Minho, S. and Dongyang Y. (2005), A Study on Dynamic-Growth System of a Spatial Structure in Seoul for 1987-2002, Journal of Architectural Institute of Korea, 21, 1, 53-60.

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