Hunhee Cho

Hunhee Cho

School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Korea University, Korea

Associate Professor


2002 Ph.D., Korea University, Construction Management

1997 M.Sc., Korea University, Construction and Materials

1995 B.Sc., Korea University, Architectural Engineering


Publications (selected)

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  2. Wi Sung Yoo, Hak-Ju Lee, Dong-In Kim, Kyung-In Kang and Hunhee Cho (2012), Genetic algorithm-based steel erection planning model for a construction automation system, Automation in Construction, 24, 30- 39.
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  4. Seokheon Yun, Hunhee Cho, Yongho Tae, Bangryul Ahn, Sung-Hoon An and Youngki Huh (2012), Productivity analysis of steel works for cost estimation of public projects in korea, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 16, 1, 1-7.
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  8. Jangwoo Seo, Wi Sung Yoo, Ung-Kyun Lee, Chunhak Kim, Kyung-In Kang and Hunhee Cho (2010), Case study of a synchronous hydraulic jack-up system for constructing high-rise residential buildings, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 37, 6, 922-926.
  9. Hee-Bok Choi, ChongKu Yi, Hunhee Cho and Kyung-In Kang (2010), Experimental Study on the Shear Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Beams, Magazine of Concrete Research, 62, 2, 103- 114.
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