Dr. Anusha Venkatakrishnan

University of Maryland



2008-2012 Ph.D, University of Maryland

2005-2009 M.A., University of Maryland

Publications (selected)

  1. Independent component analysis of resting brain activity reveals transient modulation of local cortical processing by transcranial direct current stimulation. Conf Proc IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology SocietyAugust 2011 Authors: Anusha Venkatakrishnan, PhD, Jose L. Contreras-Vidal, Marco Sandrini, Leonardo G. Cohen
  2. Combining transcranial direct current stimulation and neuroimaging: novel insights in understanding neuroplasticity. Journal of NeurophysiologyJanuary 2012 Authors: Anusha Venkatakrishnan, PhD, Marco Sandrini
  3. Parkinson's disease differentially affects adaptation to gradual as compared to sudden visuomotor distortions. Human Movement ScienceAugust 2011 Authors: Anusha Venkatakrishnan, PhD, Jean Banquet, Yves Burnod, Jose L. Contreras-Vidal