Prof. George Panayiotakis

University of Patras, Greece



1986  Ph.D., Medical Physics, University of Patras, Greece

1982  B.S., Physics, University of Patras, Greece

Publications (selected)

  1. Koutalonis, M., Delis, H., Pascoal, A., Spyrou, G., Costaridou, L., Panayiotakis, G. Can electronic zoom replace magnification in mammography? A comparative Monte Carlo study (2010) British Journal of Radiology, 83 (991), pp. 569-577.
  2. Michail, C.M., Fountos, G.P., Liaparinos, P.F., Kalyvas, N.E., Valais, I., Kandarakis, I.S., Panayiotakis, G.S. Light emission efficiency and imaging performance of Gd2O 2S:Eu powder scintillator under x-ray radiography conditions (2010) Medical Physics, 37 (7), pp. 3694-3703.
  3. Efthimiou, N., Argyropoulos, G., Panayiotakis, G., Georgiou, M., Loudos, G. “Initial results on SiPM performance for use in medical imaging” IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques, IST - Proceedings, 2010
  4. Fitousi N., Delis H., Panayiotakis G. “A mathematical model for the evaluation of synchrotron radiation breast imaging”, European Medical Physics & Engineering Conference (EMPEC), 2011
  5. Books Chapters/Edited Books
  6. Costaridou L., Skiadopoulos S., Sakellaropoulos P., Panayiotakis G.: “Intelligent Processing of Medical Images in the Wavelet Domain”, In “Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications”, Maglogiannis I., Karpouzis K., Wallace M., and Soldatos J. (Eds.), 2007, IOS Press, The Netherlands, chapter 160, 195-213 (ISSN: 0922-6389).
  7. Costaridou L., Skiadopoulos S., Karahaliou A., Arikidis N., Panayiotakis G.: “Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Breast Imaging: Trends and Challenges”, In “Handbook of Research on Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Applications”, Exarchos T.P., Papadopoulos A., and Fotiadis D.I. (Eds.), 2009, IDEA Group Inc. Global, 142-159 (ISBN-13: 978-1605663142).

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