Dr. Chunming (Victor) Shi

Dr. Chunming (Victor) Shi

School of Business and Economics

Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada



2007 Doctor of Philosophy, Washington State University, USA

2003 Master of Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

1999 Bachelor Degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Publications (Selected)

  1. S. Yang, Y. Liao, C.V. Shi, and C. Gao (forthcoming). Heuristics for Solving Dynamic Transshipment Problem with an Internet Retailer. Expert Systems with Applications.
  2. C.V. Shi, S. Yang, Y. Xia and X. Zhao (2011). Inventory Competition for Newsvendors with Profit Targets. European Journal of Operational Research 215: 367-373.
  3. X. Zhao and C.V. Shi (2011). Structuring and Contracting in Competing Supply Chains. International Journal of Production Economics 134: 434-446.
  4. S. Yang, C.V. Shi and X. Zhao (2011). Optimal Ordering and Pricing Decisions for a Target Oriented Newsvendor. International Journal of Management Science 39: 110-115.
  5. C.V. Shi, X. Zhao and Y. Xia (2010). The Setting of Profit Targets for Target Oriented Divisions. European Journal of Operational Research 206: 86-92.
    C.V. Shi and B. Chen (2008). Pareto Quantity Flexibility Contracts for a Supply Chain under Multiple Objectives. Journal of the Operational Research Society 59: 685-692.
  6. C.V. Shi and B. Chen (2007). Pareto-optimal Contracts for a Supply Chain with Satisficing Objectives, Journal of the Operational Research Society 58: 751-760.
  7. C.V. Shi and A.D. Cheok (2002). Performance Comparison of Fused Soft Control/Hard Observer Type Controller With Hard Control/Hard Observer Type Controller for Switched Reluctance Motors, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics ? Part C: Applications and Reviews 32: 99-112.

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