Victor V. Kozlov

Novosibirsk State University, Russia




1976 Ph.D. Candidate's Degree Physics-Mathematics

Publications (Selected)

  1. M.V. Litvinenko, V.V. Kozlov, G.V. Kozlov and G.R. Grek Effect of streamwise streaky structures on turbulization of a circular jet // J. of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics, 2004, Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 349–357.
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  3. Yu.A. Litvinenko, V.V. Kozlov, G.R. Grek, L. Löfdahl, Chun H. Adverse pressure gradient effect on nonlinear varicose instability of a streaky structure in an unswept wing boundary layer // Ph. of Fluids, 2005, Vol. 17, Paper No. 118106
  4. V.G. Chernoray, V.V., Kozlov , L. Löfdahl and H.H. Chun Visualization of sinusoidal and varicose instabilities of streaks in a boundary layer // Journal of Visualization, 2006, v. 9, no. 4, pp. 20-28.
  5. V.G. Chernoray,V.V. Kozlov, L. Lee and H.H. Chun Influence of an unfavourable pressure gradient on the breakdown of boundary layer streaks // Journal of Visualization, 2007, v. 10, no. 2, pp. 217-225.
  6. V.V. Kozlov Flow control and hydrodynamic instability // New trends in fluid mechanics research Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, Aug.15-19, 2007, Shanghai, China, 2007, Tsinghua University Press & Springer, pp 8-15.
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  9. V.G. Chernoray, A.V. Dovgal,V. V. Kozlov, L. Löfdahl Secondary instability of a swept-wing boundary layer disturbed by controlled roughness elements // Journal of Visualization, 2010, v. 13, no. 3, pp. 251-256.
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