Dr. Monalisa Mukherjea

University of Pennsylvania, USA



2011 Post-doc, Dept. of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2007 Ph.D., Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Tufts University, USA

1999 M.Sc., Department of Biochemistry, University Of Calcutta, India

1997 B.Sc., Department of Chemistry, University Of Calcutta, India

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Llinas P., Pylypenko O., Isabet T., Mukherjea M., Sweeney H.L., Houdusse A. 2012. How myosin motors power cellular functions: an exciting journey from structure to function. FEBS J. 279(4):551-62.
  3. Mukherjea M., Llinas P., Kim H-J., Travaglia M., Safer D., Ménétrey J., Franzini-Armstrong C., Selvin P.R., Houdusse A., Sweeney H.L. Myosin VI dimerization triggers an unfolding of a 3-helix bundle in order to extend its reach. Molecular Cell, 35:305-15, 2009.
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  6. Gupta A., Neogi R., Mukherjea M., Mukhopadhyay A., Roychoudhury S., Senapati A., Gangopadhyay P.K., Ray K. 2003. DNA linkage based diagnosis of Wilson disease in asymptomatic siblings. Indian J Med Res. 118: 208-214.