Dr. Arun K. Sharma

Department of Pharmacology

Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute, USA

Associate Professor



1997 Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, North-Eastern Hill University, India

1991 M.Sc., Department of Chemistry, North-Eastern Hill University, India

1989 B.Sc., North-Eastern Hill University, India

Publications (selected)

  1. Cheng Y, Sk UH, Zhang Y, Ren X, Zhang L, Huber-Keener KJ, Sun Y-W, Liao J, Amin S, Sharma AK, Yang J-M. Rational incorporation of selenium into temozolomide elicits superior antitumor activity associated with both apoptotic and autophagic cell death. PLoS ONE. 2012; 7: e35104.
  2. Young MM, Takahashi Y, Khan O, Park S, Hori T, Yun J, Sharma AK, Amin S, Hu CD, Zhang J, Kester M, Wang HG. Autophagosomal membrane serves as platform for intracellular death-inducing signaling complex (iDISC)-mediated caspase-8 activation and apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem. 2012; 287: 12455-68.
  3. Sharma, AK. Sphingo-guanidines and their use as inhibitors of sphingosine kinase (WO2010078247). Expert Opinion in Therapeutic Patents, 2011; 21: 807-12.
  4. Gowdahalli K, Gowda, ASP,Tagaram HR, Carroll KF, Irby R,Sharma AK, Amin S.Synthesis and biological evaluation of a novel class of isatin analogs as dual inhibitors of tubulin polymerization and Akt pathway.Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2011; 19: 6006-14.
  5. Crampsie MA, Jones N, Das A, Aliaga C, Desai D, Lazarus P, Amin S, Sharma AK. Phenylbutyl Isoselenocyanate Modulates Phase I and II Enzymes and Inhibits 4-(Methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-Pyridyl)- 1-Butanone-Induced DNA Adducts in Mice. Cancer Prev. Res. 2011; 4: 1884-94.
  6. Gowdahalli K, Sharma AK, Krzeminski J, Desai D, Lin JM, Gowda ASP, Spratt T, Amin S.Facile Syntheses and mutagenicity studies ofO2-[4-(3-Pyridyl-4-oxobut-1-yl]thymidine, the Major Adduct Formed by Tobacco Specific Nitrosamine 4-Methylnitrosamino-1-(3-pyridyl)-1 -butanone (NNK)in vivo, and its Site-specifically Adducted Oligodeoxynucleotide. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2011; 24: 960-7.
  7. Nguyen N, Sharma A, Nguyen N, Sharma AK, Desai D, Huh SJ, Amin S, Meyers C, Robertson GP. Melanoma chemoprevention in skin reconstructs and mouse xenografts using isoselenocyanate-4. Cancer Prev. Res. 2011; 4: 248-58.
  8. Murray IA, Flaveny CA, Chiaro CR, Sharma AK, Tanos RS, Schroeder JC, Amin SG, Bisson WH, Kolluri SK, Perdew GH. Suppression of cytokine-mediated complement factor gene expression through selective activation of the Ah receptor with 3’,4’-dimethoxy-α-naphthoflavone. Mol. Pharma. 2011; 79: 508-19.
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  12. Sharma AK, Sk UH, He P, Peters J, Amin S.Synthesis of isosteric selenium analog of the PPAR-β/dagonist GW501516 and comparison of biological activity. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.2010; 20: 4050-52.
  13. Sun D,Chen G, Dellinger RW,Sharma AK, Lazarus P.Characterization of 17-dihydroexemestane glucuronidation. Potential role ofUGT2B17 deletion in exemestane pharmacogenetics. Pharmacogenet Genomics 2010; 20: 575-85.
  14. Hengst JA, Wang X, Sk UH, Sharma AK, Amin S, Yun JK. Development of a sphingosine kinase 1 specific small-molecule inhibitor. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2010; 20: 7498-502.
  15. Sharma A, Sharma AK,Madhunapantula S, Desai D, Amin S, Robertson GP. Identification of small molecule inhibitors that target AKT3 signaling in Melanoma.Clinical Cancer Res.2009; 15(5):1674-1685.

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