Joe Robert Nocera

Dr. Joe Robert Nocera

Department of Neurology

Emory University, USA

Assistant Professor



2007 Ph.D., The University of Georgia, Department of Kinesiology

2004 M.S., University of Nevada, Department of Kinesiology

Publications (selected)

  1. Rodriguez A, Nocera JR, McCabe M, Rielly J. Concurrent word generation and motor performance: Further evidence for language-motor interaction. PLoS ONE. (In Press)
  2. Roemmich RT, Nocera JR, Vallabhajosula S, Amano S, Naugle KM, Stegemöller EL, and Hass CJ. Spatiotemporal variability during gait initiation in Parkinson's disease. Gait and Posture. (In Press)
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