sun bo

Dr. Bo Sun

Department of Physics

Oregon State University, USA

Biophysicist and Assistant Professor



2012-2013 Postdoc, Department of MAE, Princeton University, USA

2006-2010 Ph.D., Department of Physics, New York University, USA

2003-2006 M.Sc., Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, China

1999-2003 B.Sc., Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, China

Publications (Selected)

  1. Spatial-temporal dynamics of collective chemosensing, B. Sun, J. Lembong, V. Normand, M. Rogers and H. A.  Stone, Proceedings of the NationalAcademy of Sciences 109 (20) , 7759-7764 (2012).
  2. Simultaneous imaging of multiple focal planes for three-dimensional microscopy using ultra-high-speed adaptive optics, M. Duocastella, B. Sun, C.B. Arnold,  Journal of Biomedical Optics, 17, 050505 (2012).
  3. Probing the invasiveness of prostate cancer cells in a 3D microfabricated landscape, L. Liu, B. Sun, J. Pedersen, Koh-Meng, R. H. Getzenberg, H. A. Stone, and R. H. Austin,Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (17) , 6853-6856 (2011).
  4. A minimal model for Brownian vortexes, B. Sun, D. G. Grier and A. Y. Grosberg, Physical Review E 82, 021123 (2010).
  5. Flow visualization and flow cytometry with holographic video microscopy, F. C. Cheong, B. Sun, R. Dreyfus, Amato-Grill, K. Xiao, L. Dixon and D. G. Grier, Optics Express17, 13071-13079 (2009).
  6. Brownian Vortexes, B. Sun, J. Lin, E. Darby, A. Y. Grosberg and D. G. Grier, Physical Review E, 80, 010401(R) (2009).
  7. Comment: The effect of Mie resonances on trapping in optical tweezers, B. Sun and D. G. Grier, Optics Express 17, 2657-2660 (2009).
  8. Theory of holographic optical trapping, B. Sun, Y. Roichman and D. G. Grier, Optics Express 16, 15765-15776 (2008).
  9. Influence of non-conservative optical forces on the dynamics of optically trapped colloidal spheres: The fountain of probability, Y. Roichman, B. Sun, A. Stolarski and D. G. Grier, Physical Review Letters, 101, 0128301(2008).
  10. Optical forces arising from phase gradients, Y. Roichman, B. Sun, Y. Roichman, J. Amato-Grill and D. G. Grier, Physical Review Letters, 100, 013602 (2008).
  11. Note on DBI Dynamics of Dbrane Near NS5-Branes. Bin Chen, Bo Sun Phys. Rev. D, 72, 046005 (2005).
  12. Dbrane Near NS5-Branes: With Electromagnetic Field. Bin Chen, Miao Li, Bo Sun, JHEP, 0412, 057 (2004).

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