Prof. Susanta K. Behura

Eck Institute for Global Health

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Notre Dame, USA
Research Assistant Professor



2000 Ph.D., Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Life Sciences
1994 M.Sc., Guru Nanak Dev University, Biotechnology
1992 B.Sc., Utkal University, Mathematics

Publications (Selected)

  1. Behura SK*, Severson DW. 2013. Association of microsatellite pairs with segmental duplications in insect genomes. BMC Genomics 14: 907.
  2. Sarro J, Andrews E, Sun L, Behura SK, Tan J, Zeng E, Severson DW, Duman-Scheel M. 2013. A requirement for commissureless 2 function during dipteran insect nerve cord development. Developmental Dynamics 242: 1466-1477.
  3. Harker BW, Behura SK, deBruyn B, Lovin DD, Mori A, Romero-Severson J, Severson DW. 2013. Highly compartmentalized and stage-specific transcription during development of the mosquito Aedes aegypti. BMC developmental biology 13: 29.
  4. Behura SK*, Singh BK, Severson DW. 2013. Antagonistic relationships between intron content and codon usage bias of genes in three mosquito species: Functional and evolutionary implications. Evolutionary Applications. 6: 1079–1089.
  5. Behura SK, Severson DW. 2013. Overlapping genes of Aedes aegypti: Evolutionary implications from comparison of orthologs of Anopheles gambiae and other insects. BMC Evolutionary Biology 13: 124.
  6. Behura SK*. 2013. Mosquito microbiota and metagenomics, and its relevance to disease transmission. Biohelikon: Immunity & Diseases 1:1.
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  8. Behura SK, Severson DW. 2013.Nucleotide substitutions in dengue virus serotypes from Asian and American countries: insights into intracodon recombination and purifying selection. BMC Microbiology 13: 37.
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