Dr. Zhongquan Dai

Dr. Zhongquan Dai

China Astronaut Research and Training Center, China



Ph.D., Fourth Military Medical University, China

M.Sc., Chinese Agriculture University, China

B.Sc., Chinese Agriculture University, China

Publications (Selected)

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5. Chao Yang#, Jian Chen #, Feng Wu, Jinqiao Li, Peilong Liang, Hongyu Zhang, Honghui Wang, Yu Li, Yumin Wan, Ling Qin, Kwok Sui Liang, Zhongquan Dai*, Yinghui Li*. Effects of 60-day Head-down Bed rest on Osteocalcin, Glycolipid Metabolism and their association with or without Resistance Training. Clinical endocrinology, 2014, 81(5):671-678.  3.35

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