Dong Zhiyong

Dong Zhiyong

Peking University, China

Professor & Associate



2004 Ph.D., Division of Applied Economics, University of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

1998 M.phil., Faculty of Politics and Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

1992 B.Sc., Mathematics Department, Renmin University of China


  1. Competitiveness and Adaptability in International Trade,1999,Renmin University Press.
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  3. “Do Executive Stock Options Induce Excessive Risk Taking?”,Journal of Banking and Finance,Volume 34, Issue 10,October 2010,Pages 2518-2529.
  4. “Ambiguity Aversion and Rational Herd Behavior”,Applied Financial Economics,2010, 20, P331-343.
  5. “Recursive Preference, Mood Fluctuation and Welfare Cost A Case Study of China”, Singapore Economic Review, 2009,Volume No. 54 , Issue No. 02, P263 - 281.
  6. “China's Economic Development and Internationalization: Impacts on Asia”, 2007 KPSA International Conference “The Rise of Asia and its Future: Global, Regional and National Implications”, 14-16th, April 2007, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.

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