Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Prof. Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Leibniz Institute for Far Animal Biology (FBN) Dummerstorf, Germany



1979-1990 Ph.D., Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the (former) German Democratic Republic

1970-1975 Study and graduation (diploma) in biology/physiology at the State University Donezk, Ukraine

Publications (Selected)

  1. Kempisty B, Woźna M, Piotrowska H,Bukowska D, Jackowska M, Antosik P, Jaśkowski JM, Brüssow K-P:The expression of genes encodingzona pellucidaglycoproteins in canine cumulus-oocyte complexes culturedin vitroin media supplemented with progesterone and estradiol. Theriogenology 77 (2012) 684-693
  2. Keonouchanh S, Egerszegi I,Rátky J, Bounthong B, Manabe N, Brüssow K-P:Native pig (Moo Lat) breeds in Lao PDR. Archiv Tierzucht 54 (2011) 599-605
  3. Wollenhaupt K, Reinke K, Brüssow K-P, Kanitz W, Tomek W: 4E-BP1 degradation and eIF4E truncation occur spatially distinctly in the porcine uterine epithelia and are features of noninvasive implantation in the pig. Mol Reprod Dev (2011) 895-905
  4. Wollenhaupt K, Reinke K, Brüssow K-P, Spitschak M, Kanitz W, Tomek W: Truncation of the mRNA cap-binding protein eIF4E is specific fort he non-invasive implantation in pigs. Reprod Dom Anim 46 (2011) 917-919
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