Dr. Kazuhisa Nishizawa

NIK Biomolecular Research Group, Japan




1994 Ph.D., Doctor of Medicine (Basic Medical Science, Physiology)

1989 M.D., National Medical Doctor License

1989 M.Sc., The University of Tokyo School of Medicine

Publications (selected)

  1. Nishizawa M and Nishizawa K, Molecular dynamics simulation analysis of membrane defects and pore propensity of hemifusion diaphragms Biophysical Journal, 104: 1038–1048, (2013)
  2. Nishizawa M and Nishizawa K, Coarse-grained simulations of branched bilayer membranes -- Effects of cholesterol-dependent phase separation on curvature-driven lipid sorting J Biophys Chem 2: 268-284 (2011) DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2011.23032
  3. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. Curvature-driven lipid sorting: coarse-grained dynamics simulations of a membrane mimicking a hemifusion intermediate. J Biophys Chem (2010) 1:86-95
  4. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. Molecular dynamics simulation analyses of stalk-inducing effect of viral fusion peptides: importance of oblique orientation in membranes. J Biophys Chem (2010) 1:19-32
  5. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. Coupling of S4 helix Translocation and S6 Gating Analyzed by Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Mutated Kv channels. Biophys J (2009) 97: 90-100
  6. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Kv channel Voltage Sensor Helix in a Lipid Membrane with Applied Electric Field. Biophys J (2008) 95:1729-1744
  7. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Stretch-Activated Channel Inhibitor GsMTx4 with Lipid Membranes: Two Binding Modes and Effects of Lipid Structure. Biophys J (2007) 92: 4233-4243
  8. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. A DNA sequence evolution analysis generalized by simulation and the Markov chain Monte Carlo method implicates strand slippage in a majority of insertions and deletions.
    J Mol Evol. 55: 706-717.(2002).
  9. Nishizawa M, Nishizawa K. Amino acid and nucleotide recurrence in aligned sequences: synonymous substitution patterns in association with global and local base compositions Nucleic Acids Res. 28: 3801-3810. (2000).
  10. Kazuhisa Nishizawa, Christian Freund, Jing Li, Gerhard Wagner and Ellis L.Reinherz.Identification of a novel proline-binding motif regulating CD2-triggered T lymphocyte activation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95,14897-902.(1998).

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