Prof. M. Jayachandran

Electrochemical Materials Science Division, CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute

Chief Scientist and Senior Professor for AcSIR

Email: (preferred),


2002  Ph.D., Industrial Chemistry, Alagappa University, India

1976  M.Sc., Physics, Annamalai University, India

1974  B.Sc., Physics, Madurai Kamaraj University, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. KAVIYARASU, K., MARIA MAGDALANE, C., MANIKANDAN, E., JAYACHANDRAN, M., LADCHUMANANANDASIVAM, R., NEELAMANI, S., and MAAZA, M., 2015. Well-Aligned Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Decorated with zinc Oxide Nanocrystals for High   Performance Photocatalytic Application. International Journal of Nanoscience, Vol. 14, pp.1550007-08.
  2. SUBRAMANIAN, B., ANU PRIYA, K., THANKA RAJAN, S., DHANDAPANI, P., and JAYACHANDRAN, M., 2014. Antimicrobial activity of sputtered nanocrystalline CuO impregnated fabrics. Materials Letters, Vol. 128, pp. 1-4.
  3. KAVIYARASU, K., MANIKANDAN, E., KENNEDY, J. and JAYACHANDRAN. M., 2014. Quantum confinement and photoluminescence of well-aligned CdO nanofibers by solvothermal route. Materials Letters Vol. 120, pp.243-245
  4. GIRI ARNAB, PAL PROVAS, RAMADOSS, A., JAYACHANDRAN, M., MAHANTY SOURINDRA and  PANDA,  A., 2014. 3D Hierarchically assembled porous wrinkled paper-like structure of ZnCo2O4 and Co-ZnO@C as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Crystal Growth and Design, Vol.14, pp.3352-3359.
  5. NAROTTAM SUTRADHAR, SANDIP KUMAR PAHARI, MUTHIRULANDI JAYACHANDRAN, MANUEL STEPHAN, A.,  NAIR, J.R.BALASUBRAMANIAN SUBRAMANIAN, HARI.C.BAJAJ and HARESH M., 2013. Organic Free Low Temperature direct Synthesis of Hierarchical Protonated layered Titanates/anatase TiO2 hollow spheres and their task specific applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. A1, pp.9122-9131.
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  11. SUBRATA KUNDU, MUKADAM, M. D., YUSUF, S. M. and JAYACHANDRAN, M., 2013. Formation of shape-selective magnetic cobalt oxide nanowires: environmental application in catalysis studies. Cryst. Eng Comm, Vol.15, PP.482-497.
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  13. SUBRAMANIAN, B., DHANDAPANI P., MARUTHAMUTHU. S. and JAYACHANDRAN M., 2012. Bio synthesis of calcium   hydroxyl apatite coating on sputtered Ti/TiN nano  multi layers and their corrosion behavior in simulated bodily solution. Journal of Biomat. Applications , Vol.26, PP.687-705.
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