Dr. Nelson W. Chong

Department of Human and Health Sciences

University of Leicester, UK



Ph.D., Physiology, King’s College
M.Sc., Pharmacology, King’s College
B.Sc., Biological Sciences, University of Westminster

Publications (Selected)

  1. Ounzain S, Kobayashi S, Peterson R, He Aibin, Samani NJ, Menick DR, Pu WT, Liang Q, Chong, N.W. (2012) Cardiac expression of STARS, a novel gene involved in cardiac development and disease, is regulated by GATA4. Mol Cell Biol. 32, 1830-1843.
  2. Chong, N.W. Kokemoer, AL., Samani, N.J., Shin JT., Shaw, S. (2012) STARS (Striated muscle Activator of Rho Signalling) is essential to maintain cardiac development and functionin vivo viaa SRF pathway. PLoS One 7, e40966.
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