Mukesh Dhamala

Dr. Mukesh Dhamala
Physics and Neuroscience
Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA
Assistant Professor



2000    Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, University of Kansas at Lawrence
1999    M.S., Computational Physics, University of Kansas at Lawrence
1994    M.S., Physics, Tribhuvan University
1991    B.S., Physics, Tribhuvan University

Publications (selected)
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  2. Xiaoming Liang, M. Dhamala, Liang Zhao, and Zonghua Liu, Phase-disorder-induced double resonance of neuronal activity,'' Physical Review E 82, 01902 (Rapid) (2010).
  3. M. Dhamala, G. Rangarajan, and M. Ding, ``Analyzing Information Flow in Brain Networks with Nonparametric Granger Causality,'' NeuroImage 41 , 354-362 (2008).
  4. M. Dhamala, C. G. Assisi, V. K. Jirsa, F. L. Steinberg, and J. A. S. Kelso, ``Multisensory integration for timing engages different brain networks,'' NeuroImage 34, 764 - 773 (2007).
  5. M. Dhamala, V. K. Jirsa, and M. Ding, ``Enhancement of neural synchrony by time delay,'' Physical Review Letters 92, 074104 1-4 (2004).
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  7. C. F. Zink, G. Pagnoni, M. Martin, M. Dhamala, and G. S. Berns, ``Human striatal response to salient non-rewarding stimuli," J. Neuroscience 23 , 8092 - 8097 ( 2003).
  8. P. R. Montague, G. S. Berns, S. M. McClure, G. Pagnoni, M. Dhamala, et. al., "Hyperscan: simultaneous fMRI of human interaction," NeuroImage 16, 1159 - 1164 ( 2002).
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