Prof. Wade D. Cook

Prof. Wade D. Cook

Schulich School of Business

York University, Canada

Professor for Management Science



1972 Ph.D., Operations Research, Dalhousie University, Canada

1969 M.Sc., Mathematics and Operations Research, Queen's University, Canada

1968 B.Sc., Mathematics, Mount Allison University, Canada

Publications (Selected)

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Profile Details

Wade D. Cook is the Gordon Charlton Shaw Professor of Management Science in the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada, where he serves as Head of the Operations Management and Information Systems Area, and as Associate Dean of Research. He was recently awarded the title of University Professor. Professor Cook holds a doctorate in Mathematics and Operations Research. He has published several books, book chapters, and upwards of 150 articles in a wide range of academic and professional journals, including Management Science, Operations Research, JORS, EJOR, IIE Transactions, etc. His areas of specialty include Data Envelopment Analysis, and Multi Criteria Decision Modeling. He is a former Editor of the Journal of Productivity Analysis, and of INFOR, and is currently an Associate Editor of Operations Research, and serves on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Operational Research. Professor Cook has consulted widely with various companies and government agencies.