Prof. Damien Bregiroux
Prof. Damien Bregiroux

LCMCP–Univ Paris 6, France



2002 Ph.D., University of Limoges, France, Physical Chemistry

2001 M.S., University of Limoges, France, Process and Ceramic Materials

Publications (selected)

  1. D. Bregiroux, F. Audubert, E. Champion et D. Bernache-Assollant.Mechanical and thermal properties of hot pressed neodymium-substituted britholite Ca9Nd(PO4)5(SiO4)F2, Materials Letters 57 (2003) 3526-3531.
  2. S. Lucas, E. Champion, D. Bregiroux, D. Bernache-Assollant et F. Audubert.Rare earth phosphate powders RePO4·nH2O (Re = La, Ce or Y) – Part I. Synthesis and characterization, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 177 (2004) 1302-1311.
  3. L. Beck, D. Bregiroux, S. Bosonnet, D. Eliot, S. Reveillon et F. Pilon.Metallographic investigation and microanalysis of plated Antoniniani of Postumus, Geoarchaeological and Bioarchaeological Studies 3 (2005) 293-296.
  4. D. Bregiroux, F. Audubert and D. Bernache-Assollant.The role of the milling step on the sintering behaviour of monazite powder LaPO4.Densification and resulting microstructure, Advances in Science and Technology 45 (2006) 633-638.
  5. D. Bregiroux, R. Belin, F. Audubert et D. Bernache-Assollant.Solid state synthesis and X-ray diffraction characterization of Pu3+(1-2x)Pu4+xCa2+xPO4, Recent Advances in Actinide Science, RSC Publishing, Edited by R. Alvarez, N.D. Bryan and I. May (2006) 749-751.
  6. D. Bregiroux, S. Lucas, E. Champion, F. Audubert et D. Bernache-Assollant.Sintering and microstructure of rare earth phosphate ceramics RePO4with Re = La, Ce or Y, Journal of European Ceramic Society 26(3) (2006) 279-287.
  7. L. Perrière, D. Bregiroux, B. Naïtali, F. Audubert, E. Champion and D. Bernache-Assollant.Microstructural dependence of the thermal and mechanical properties of monazite LnPO4(Ln = La to Gd), Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (2007) 3207-3213.
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  9. D. Bregiroux, F. Audubert, T. Charpentier, D. Sakellariou and D. Bernache-Assollant.Solid state synthesis of monazite-type compounds LnPO4(Ln = La to Gd), Solid State Sciences 9 (2007) 432-439.
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  16. K. Popa, G. Wallez, P.E. Raison, D. Bregiroux and R.J.M. Konings,SrNp(PO4)2: an original ordered modification of cheralite, Inorganic Chemistry, 49(15) (2010)6904–6908.
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