Prof. Ahmed Arafat Khamis

Faculty of Science

Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt



1993 Ph.D., Helwan University, Egypt, Physical Chemistry

1987 M.S., Helwan University, Egypt, Physical Chemistry

1982 B.S., Cairo University, Egypt, Chemistry

Publications (selected)

  1. A. Arafat, M. A. Daous. Silicon and Silicon-related Surfaces for Biosensor Applications in: “ Biosensors for Health, Environment and Biosecurity / Book 3", ISBN 978-953-307-444-3., InTech, Austeria, Submitted.
  2. A. Arafat and Y. Alhamed. Catalytic activity of mesoporous catalysts in Friedel-Craftsbenzylation of benzene, Journal of Porous Materials 200, Accepted forPuplication.
  3. A. Arafat and H. S. Bamufleh. Fe-TUD-1: Efficient catalysts for Freidel Crafts alkylations of aromatic compounds, Submitted to Applied Catalysis.
  4. A. Arafat, M. A. Daous. (2011) Photocatalyts for removal of Organic Contaminants from Wastewater under very mild conditions. AIChE 2011 Spring Meeting in Chicago, USA. (Oral Presentation).
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